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Opinion Game Dev Platform Phil Spencer: Xbox Series X will have Microsoft’s ‘most diverse collection of first-party games’


Jun 10, 2019
Hoping infinite has a solid campaign. And then stuff to do online that is enjoyable.

A bit like gta 5 instead of destiny.

The Hamburglar

but get my takes from clown world with Ronald
Mar 6, 2016
He reminds me of Del Boy “this time next year we’ll be millionaires”


Unconfirmed Member
We've heard talk like this before. I think I remember something about "The greatest line-up in Xbox history" around about the time of ReCore's release?

(Not shitting on ReCore, by the way. I loved that game & want a sequel)

Anyway, I believe the big talk this time. They have the first-party studios now. It's really simple. If Series X doesn't have a great, diverse collection of games, then something's went badly wrong.

Can't wait to see what's up on Thursday.


Jul 16, 2020
2 days until Phil stops talking.

Not knocking the guy but with only 2 days to go he can go radio silent and let the show do the talking.

I think he needs to realise that the more he does interviews, the less 'special' it becomes when he does interviews. I want to think "Ooh an interview with the Head of Xbox!" and not "Oh FFS another interview with the Head of Xbox"

Yeah he's big on the hyperbole, and he's always talking in the media. But inevitable it dilutes his message because there's always something else that's amazing for a 'first'. Too much full-on messaging imo, gamers will form their own opinions.
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