Phil Spencer: What you will see on July 23 is true creative freedom


Phil better have his Willy Wonka outfit and cane ready.

More like Oompa Loompa. He already looks like one:


i wanted forza be gameplay and stalker be gamplay and other stuff be gameplay ... but no ... remember forza games where coming out in autumn every year ?
Creative freedom to create hideous looking games. Microsoft should buy Playdead and let them design all the characters from now on for all 1st party.
It's painfully obvious that they let their devs run wild with no checks in place. Maybe Sony's whipping and lashing approach is better after all.

Freedom only works when the people you give it to have talent and you don't want to restrain their awesomeness. It's clear 343i are not filled with talent.


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Creative freedom was on full display. Obsidian had a game like grounded and a AAA WRPG in the oven. Completely different games the studio wanted to make. I say this is bu far the most diverse first party showcase for Microsoft since the OG xbox.


MS have now put on back to back conferences that make Kinectimals and Ravi Drummer look like exciting conferences by comparison.
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