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Phil Spencer Suggests Perfect Dark Reboot Helps Xbox Lineup Become Less Male-Oriented


A female main game character doesn't automatically make the game appealing for women. Specially if the character is written like a man, as it's usual nowadays.

How does one write a top secret agent more like a woman? When your playing a game you are jumping into a person during a specific role not trying to do a deep dive into their entire life. It's fairly logical that it's just the character being detatched and professional rather than being written as a man.
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Feb 5, 2013
Can't wait to see how much ugly they are gonna make her.
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Apr 22, 2021
A lot of the female channels I follow do love Ellie and Aloy. While I think it's definitely due to them being good female characters, they also love Dark Souls and GoW so clearly they dont give a fuck just like how male gamers never cared we were playing as female characters in Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and FF13. As long as the game is good, no one is gonna give a shit. People hated Abby not because she was a woman but because she stunk as a character. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
Abby was basically Joel in TLOU1 tho except instead of being a lone wolf smuggler she had a community she contributed towards.


Feb 5, 2013
Abby was basically Joel in TLOU1 tho except instead of being a lone wolf smuggler she had a community she contributed towards.
Maybe thats what they were trying to go for, but they clearly fucked it up by introducing her as someone who kills a fan favorite character. After that no amount of redemption was going to be enough. It's bold writing, ambitious but poorly executed at the end. Neil is a great fucking writer but even he couldnt redeem her.

And there in lies the problem. Joel is made immediately sympathetic in the beginning as he loses his daughter. All of his subsequent actions (drug dealing, murders, and detachment towards Ellie) are justified because we know this guy is a tortured soul. Even at the end, when he turns into Heisenberg and starts killing people left and right and robbing the world of a cure, we cant help but side with him because its presented as a morally grey choice. In Abby's case, we hate her for half of the game and the hate builds and builds for nearly 15 hours until we finally find out why she does what she does but by that point it's too late and Joel couldve raped her in the past and people wouldnt care. Poor writing.

Then she's given a very boring cast of characters who bring her down with them. A girl suffering from depression. A girl suffering from intense pain from her broken arm. Two assholes in Mel and Manny. Her ex-bf was ready to leave his unborn child to go away with his mistress. Everyone in her campaign is either shitty or boring. Joel had Ellie bring the best out of him. She was fun to be around. Funny. Caring. Human. Spunky. The complete opposite of Lev. The two brothers they run into were fun to be around. They made Joel laugh even.

She is Joel in the sense that she loses someone she loved, but thats it. You didnt see Joel kill anyone for revenge. Joel didnt want to take Ellie and is literally paid to do it unlike Abby. And when Joel does come around to liking Ellie, it's very late in the game and its clearly due to him seeing her as his daughter. Why is Abby risking her life to save two random strangers? Do they remind her of her dad? It's trash.
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Nov 15, 2010
Phil…we don’t care what’s between the legs…devs should concentrate on a great game first and then do the talking afterwards otherwise we will get the same shit as lou2 where cuckman put up the social justice shield before the game released and it distracted from what was a great game with some storytelling flaws….people focused too much on that and I think it ruined the game


Aug 25, 2018
Pretty weak effort. They/them should be gender fluid to make a genuine statement. Pretty outrageous not to imho.

For me, the only time I worry about gender fluid is when I get splash back at the pissing troth.
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Feb 7, 2019
Hey Philly boy, ignore the politics and just say that you're happy to FINALLY RE-welcome Joanna Dark back to the character roster of MS game studios lol

Christ MS, you're the chuckle mucks who completely ignored a valid IP all the way through the latter half of the 360 and all of the One, but now "dur we has to make deh gamings less male oriented"

Piss off!

Hopefully they don't screw it up to bad (very little faith)
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Oct 28, 2017
How about just doing Perfect Dark because it's a good game?!

Fucking hell...
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