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Opinion Event Game Dev Phil Spencer Interview - Halo Infinite and Xbox Games Showcase, Next in August

The Alien

Feb 10, 2018
I think you kind of captured the essence on why many push back on Microsoft. With company’s like Sony and Nintendo, you feel like they’re passionate about making games where you feel Microsoft is most passionate about making money and answering to stock holders. EA is another one.
At the end of the day, it is a business.
You can say Sonyis passionate, sure. But let's not kid ourselves that they dont make cold decisions that impact what games they make a d how they make them.

You know who else was passionate about making video games? Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision. All dead now.
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Jun 1, 2014
Enjoyed this interview. He is repeating the same things in his numerous interviews, but that's because this is overall strategy they have been putting into place anyway.

Two key points that matter to me, and I am happy he is still insisting on them :
- the amazing efforts deployed in BC, and the fact that Series X is going to play the games even better, hinting at higher framerates. That would be awesome. Also accessories compatibility. His words : "respecting the money players invested".
- the efforts concerning Japanese games, in order to make sure we get all these major IPs from Japan, with the announcement of Dragon Quest.

On these two points, they clearly delivered during this gen, with major Japanese games appearing on Xbox One. BC was also a highlight of the console. Seeing that this is important to them is what I want to hear, personally.
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