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News Phil Spencer further clarifies the nature of Bethesda exclusivity


Gold Member
Jul 9, 2020
I cannot vouch for what you say, but if what you say is true it would be a brilliant PR move by Phil / MS.

1) Buy company to make waves after Halo is delayed.
2) Say literally nothing about whether the big games will be console exclusive so that people will tell themselves they all will be.
3) Cheekily answer one question about not needing to go multiplatform to recoup investment so that people will keep telling themselves what they want to hear.
4) Sell as many units as possible on all consoles, then deflect the rage from Xbox only peeps with a nod towards staying away from monopoly trouble.

End Result: Made wave, sold consoles, and still make as much money as possible off a 7.5 Billion dollar investment. Side benefit - the investment retains its value since it retains all prior good will and fans.
Why is it so hard for some of you to understand that Microsoft could not care less about getting revenue from game sales on other consoles? If they did don’t you think they would have released all their XB1 first party games on the PS4, the second highest selling console of all time?

If all they cared about was software sales revenue they would have gone third party publisher long ago. They didn’t spend 7.5 billion to bolster their competitors software lineup. They did it to make their ecosystem and subscription service more attractive. That doesn’t happen if the games are available in another ecosystem lol.