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People with over 1000 games in your Steam library. How do you come to grips with the fact you'll never fully experience all those games?


Lets face it, most people on this forum probably don't even complete 15 games in a year. I think one of the recent polls said we here are mostly in our 30s.

So if the average Gaffer lives another 60 years and beats 15 games per year in that time, there is zero chance to complete all those games.

Doesn't it suck knowing you'll never beat all the games in your account, that's not even counting the games that are still being added to your account. I'm trying to come to grips with this reality.
I have 120 games on my backlog between many consoles and many generations, and 65 games I'm looking forward to only between the years of 2022 and 2024. I feel at least this can be manageable if I really put my mind to it, especially because I'm assuming ~30 of these games I'll get 5-10 hours in and put them down forever.

For a backlog that's 150 and up, you really gotta start cutting some fat. Put them all in a list and start ordering them one by one. Order them in a way that leaves all the games you're actually most interested in playing are at the top.

One at a time, ask yourself, "Would I prefer to play this game or this game?" Then put it above or below the game that wins. For the third, do the same, but start from the top going down asking yourself, "would I rather this or that?" That's how you construct your list. All of the games that continually hit the bottom of the list, accept that you probably don't actually want to play them (even if you appreciate something about it whether it be the music, or graphics, concepts, etc).
Its been passed the point of logic since PS1 for me. Now with Gamepass on top I just swim in games. Its actually hit such a surplus that its counterintuitively freed me from needing day one all the time. I play what I want whenever I feel like it.

Its impossible to keep up with game releases now and accepting that fact liberates you. This let's you save a lot of money.


The same way I deal with the thousands of movies and series I have in Netflix, Disney, Amazon and HBO; hundreds of Game Pass games, thousands of past generations games; thousands of cars I won't ever drive; hundreds of countries I'll never visit; millions of person I will never get to know...

I don't know, it's kind of normal life?
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I just don’t open Steam anymore, therefore no problem

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I never put pressure on beating/finishing games that I owned, even since the NES era. Back then, my Dad only bought one NES cartridge every 4-12 months. So, mostly I spent my spare time trying to maximize one game for a few months before moving on. No, I didn't feel like I have to finish the game to get the enjoyment out of it.

These days, video games are generally cheap (if you are not tempted to buy games on day one) and in some platforms/stores, they gave so many free games and those are outside of the gaming subscriptions. Gamers are so spoiled now, with the games on their library that they don't even have time (or want) to play.

Games are supposed to be fun, clearing backlog is supposed to be fun too. DON'T make it like work unless you are a reviewer lol.
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I don’t buy games because I might play them later, even during a sale. If I’m buying something, then I’m playing it there and then. As a result, my “backlog” on Steam is just random crap I got for free via giveaways or Humble Bundle leftovers. Still a huge pile of games, but not something I could be ever bothered to feel bad about.


I’m not at 1000s but in the hundreds. most of my games were bought during the steam sale golden years. Five to ten dollar brand new games. Bundles everywhere for 15 or 20. To me it feels like gamepass. I don’t worry about all the games and I can try different ones out. If I don’t like it, I move on quick.


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I have 1545 games on Steam... I dunno, I guess I just like knowing I have access to games I think I might like to play eventually, and I don't really care if a lot of them end up being unplayed when die. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Over 4,000 games on my account, but probably only honestly about 500 of them or so worth playing. I used to pick up a lot of cheap bundles just to boost the number higher - and there was a LOT of shit in those. I still pick up a few random things here and there, like I'm subscribed to Humble Choice, that adds games to my account that I probably won't ever play...

But honestly, it's just kinda nice knowing that any time I ever get really bored or something, there is always something new to play.


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It doesn’t matter to me. You can play these games whenever. They don’t expire or go away. What happens when you feel like playing Quake, Deus Ex, or Half-Life? Rebuy it for that period of time and then never again?

I got a lot from Humble Bundles that aren’t that amazing, but I hide those in my library. It’s just the same as if you bought some Mario or Zelda game and shoved it on your shelf for a year or two. It’ll be there regardless. I’ve got over a 1000 digital games spread apart. Probably 2000 if I really started to combine all the digital platforms. 600 there, 1000 there, and 150+ on multiple platforms.

One thing I think sucks is comparing yourself to other people. Some people buy 1000 dollar PCs and 500 dollar game consoles just to have them sit there while real life happens. I think that as long you find joy in it and you actually will play it someday then there’s nothing wrong with it.

It makes more sense to me that I bought Portal 1 and 2. Not just because I finished them when they came out, but I can play them again someday without rebuying it. I had both those games on 360/PS3. Now I can just download it from Steam whenever I feel like playing it.


I've got a load of games on steam now after years of sales going back to the really cheap days, and on epic now aswell, with the giveaways, no it doesnt bother me, i have never felt i had to complete and beat every game i own, they are more like a collection, even as far back as physical only.
It's the idea of having the games and being able to access some piece of gaming history anytime I want, especially in case they do get pulled eventually from digital stores.


I just hope that I don't die before I have a chance to play all of the games I've purchased up to this point. I've given up on the idea of finishing most games since there is little precious time to do so since being a (semi-responsible) adult kind of sucks and there isn't enough time in a week to play more than 5-10 hours in-between adult chores, working a job, spending time with others and pets. I just accept the fact that most games i'll end up spending a few hours with before moving onto the next and knowing full well I may never come back. It's all good, it's nice to be able to play games if and when I feel like even if that game never gets opened or played. Sometimes just knowing you have the game is all that is needed to allow you to move on without playing.
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Why finish something you don't enjoy ?
I have tons of games where I have less than 30 minutes on them.

I could get a refund for most of these but I don't, so they just end up in the pile of games i'll never finish.

So it's that and the game bundles with mostly trash in them.


Steam Deck goes with me, that's for sure. Talk about mobile gaming, six feet under. But I'm only at like 500 games, still plenty of time left to buy everything needed for the afterlife. At least I think. :messenger_face_screaming:
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I spend about $40aud dollars a fortnight on Steam games, usually don't spend more than $10 per game.
Currently own over 1600 games and still have over 700 on my wishlist.
So many indie games come out that I don't get a chance to buy the more expensive AAA games.

My latest purchases as an example.

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To be fair ... 1/4 of those games are now non-functional or are dead so I cant play them anyway, I had my use out of them but its taught me not to be an early adopter anymore unless its something I REALLY need to play and experience


I dont care. Most of them are from bundles and I was never going to play them anyway.

I'll still buy bundles but individual games I don't buy anymore unless I plan on playing right away. I think I'm close to 1,600.


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Doesn't it suck knowing you'll never beat all the games in your account

Honestly not at all. Something I've learned through all these years is to stop worrying about shit that doesn't matter. Entertainment is for entertainment. If you just spent money on the latest top of the pop smash hit but yet still feel like you just want to play Solitaire for a bit, think for yourself: "Who gives a shit, I'm gonna do what gives me the most satisfaction in this moment", sit back relax your shoulders, have a beer (or coffee or whatever), feel the serotonin release and enjoy the fuck out of that moment.
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On the contrary, I'm happy knowing that I have enough games to keep me entertained for years to come.

I never had that mentality of "I have to beat everything I've bought". Games are games, they are there for fun, not to stress about.


I just want to know how the f do you people even have over 1000 games on Steam? I've used Steam almost since its inception and only have about 150 games, I've completed almost all of them, some of them twice, but 1000 games seems like a waste of money.
This is why you need a Steam Deck, so you could utilize your discrete time to consume more games from your library

If not for the limited stock for the Deck, I would recommend every gamer to own one
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I own over 800 games on Steam. But the majority of those which I haven't played were acquired in bundles.
Sometimes I would buy a humble bundle or fanatical bundle, but a part of those games were of no interest to me.
I just want to know how the f do you people even have over 1000 games on Steam? I've used Steam almost since its inception and only have about 150 games, I've completed almost all of them, some of them twice, but 1000 games seems like a waste of money.
Humble Bundles used to be a hell of a drug.

You can also share your libraries with other people. I do that with my bro and that adds like +200 games to my lib.


It boggles my mind how people are able to play so many games. Over my whole life so far I’ve played maybe 150 games or so. How people find the time to play hundreds of games within a couple of years I’ll never know, especially today where some of the biggest games are ‘service games’ that you can play for months or years.

Then again, the amount of games I buy per year hasn’t really changed since my childhood. As a kid I got maybe five or six games each year, either as gifts for birthday/christmas or because I saved enough money to buy them myself. That number hasn’t really changed after I became an adult; I’ve never felt the need to buy more than a handful of games per year, each of which I usually play for weeks or months.


More than 1500 in the backlog. Steam Deck has more than 400 playable or verified.

I stopped buying Steam games for about 5 years. The Deck changed that for me. It's beginning again.
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