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Pentiment - Reviews Thread

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Part of the fun is the fact you have to manage time.
But you could totally cheese you way through, though it will probably detract from your enjoyment of the game.

Not all Journos amarite.

But yeah the time management factor is part of what makes things interesting, I dont know why someone would dock the game for that.
It would be like complaining you cant upgrade all your weapons/characters to max on a single playthrough in game X because there is a limited amount of upgrade points or something.

Thats part of the gameplay, its part of what makes that playthrough unique and boon not a negative.
One of the worst things in gaming is when I've unlocked the entire skill tree before I'm anywhere near the end.

It's like now what?


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One of the worst things in gaming is when I've unlocked the entire skill tree before I'm anywhere near the end.

It's like now what?
Hahaha I hate that feeling too.
You start to question why am i even still playing this.


I dont know about you but if i purchase a system made to play games like Xbox and Playstation at $500, i expect to play AAA big budget games. Games like As Dusk falls, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Pentament can be played on a mobile phone, web browser or anywhere.
Jesus Christ dude. You just came back from a 2 week ban TODAY and you got yourself banned AGAIN today for a month? That's quite the accomplishment.


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Tell that to the people who complain about "no gameplay" in other games then turn around and praise a picture book.
But the picture book can give the reader a stage to use their imagination and fill in the blanks.

Of course all that depends on the reader having a modicum of imagination in the first place and not needing any storyline feeding to them in a high chair with a baby spoon.

Those same people complain about BOTW having no narrative because their little monkey brains can't form a narrative from their own experience and journey through the game.

That's probably a can of worms best left closed again though.
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willing to check it out, but reading loads of text on a tv screen? i just know that it's gonna put me to sleep, cuz it's happened with other text heavy games...
What's immediately obvious is that the game is not the product of a template that already spawned dozens of other games that are all alike. Congratulations, Obsidian!
I wonder how this template will be translated to joshes next game. Can this be done in a AAA game if he does new Vegas next. Why I dies are always innovative leaders. Can be used as a blue print to truly be creative
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