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Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Leaves Blizzard Entertainment


Jeff is worthy of his meme god status, but I do wonder how OW will evolve with new direction. I am hopeful for OW2, so maybe Aaron will simply be steering the team in a direction that are well on course for already. And maybe that's why Jeff has left now, who knows.

Overall though, OW has definitely been lacking in certain key areas (continuous fresh content updates; monetization; cross-plat play, etc) and I have to imagine some of that stagnation fell on Jeff's shoulders. We will see how things pan out ...
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Kaplan was just a PR guy but his focus was always on building his own reputation and making himself look good. If you liked him then congrats, he successfully fooled you into thinking he was worthy of praise. The man built his entire career riding on the coat tails of people with actual talent and skill. All kaplan was good at doing was making people think he was important. This was 15 years overdo tbh.

There isn't a creative bone in this man's body and I doubt he had much to do with anything design related at blizzard besides just copying what others had already done. If anything blizzard was probably the most fitting company for the type of snakeoil he peddled.


With him gone maybe they will stop with the wow style season nerf/buff create a new meta shit and just balance things.

Disclaimer: I havn't played wow for a very long time and gave up on overwatch around season 8, so if they did start balancing those games with more than a season meta shake up in mind my bad.


RIP blizzard. Like we didn't know this would happen as soon as the Activision takeover.

I used to play Overwatch daily but all their meddling got on my nerves and my interest waned. Which is sad because it was a period that I was somewhat jaded on games and it was just the right title to spark the desire to play for me. Shows what an accomplishment this IP was and how much actively trying to mess it up was required to kill it.

Clutching on to my original StarCraft CDs like gold now. For me blizzard's death began when it was revealed that SC2 would not have a LAN mode.

Well, nothing lasts forever guys.
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