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Outriders - the first official gameplay video will be shown on February 13th


The new People Can Fly game, published by Square Enix, will receive its first video gameplay very soon.
(it's a single player TPS game, with RPG elements, and also an option for co-op)

In addition, there are those who have had the opportunity to play it for the first time, and the first impressions are very positive :messenger_smiling_hearts:

Update: the new trailer


I got to speak quickly with one of those who played it about a week ago. He confirmed that this is not a gaas game. (because it is not built with those elements, but as a simple TPS rpg)
And he also told me that you can safely play in single player for the whole plot of the game. (and optionally also in co-op) And that the main components of the gameplay are of excellent quality.
The previews from journalists should arrive within the next 2 days.

Info update:

One of the Square Enix managers confirmed that Outriders is not a gaas game.

Update 2:
New trailers

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Nice! I saw a buddy of mine that's working on it post a picture of that splash, and I wondered what it was. Welp, here we go! Looking forward to hearing about it!


Always thought division was held back by its realistic setting so a fantasy setting for a tps sounds nice at least.


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It could be good, but I just have a feeling that it will be another generic looter shooter. That style of loot doesn't give me much hope.

And why keep 1 class secret still?


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I watched only 2 min but the Gunplay looks meaty with good enemy reaction and gore, day one for me.


Game looks fun, but I gotta say, I'm tired of playing as ugly people in games. These characters look horrendous.
You know, I'm just going to go ahead and get hyped for this. I'm still hurting after the Anthem fiasco, which means the universe owes me a good looter-shooter.


Almost non of the Painkiller/Bulletstorm guys work on this.
This is the Judgement/Fortnite PcF.


Game looks fun, but I gotta say, I'm tired of playing as ugly people in games. These characters look horrendous.

There is a character editor, to create your own character to play with, and to evolve with magical effects also in the aspect with the skill branch.
I can't wait to use the Trickster class :messenger_smiling_with_eyes:

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