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Outriders debut gameplay, 101 trailers, and screenshots


what most people are not even talking about, as they are already turned off by the mere fact that the game if boring as fuck even in concept, is the fact that the animations look absolutely god awful. like look at that special attack ground pound thing he is doing at 1:02... that has no impact, no weight... it looks like stumbled and caught himself by throwing his arms forward... or like a child going "MOM! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" and goes on to jump into a puddle of mud... that's what this looks like :pie_roffles:

and all the walking and running animations look like they are in slowmotion or something. the game just animates really weird all in all.
Yeah thats what I said on Friday. Its very obvious how the animations needs work

Game feels rough, needs a lot of work in the animation department and facial design.

Here’s Arekkz with all the classes



I’m trying to keep an open mind because I love the genre but what I’m seeing in this gameplay

Isn’t really wowing me

If only it was just "not wowing" enough. It doesn't even look interesting at all despite its setting, grey and brown boring environments, a concrete wasteland, some basic foliage UE4 assets like you'd see them in every other game DESPITE taking place in an unexplored alien planet where the environment could look so much more interesting.
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