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Oscar Isaac to play solid snake in metal gear solid movie


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Solid choice. I like it.



I didn't know about a movie in the series coming from Sony ... now, I have more faith in the remake coming to PS5.


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I really hope he's also Liquid but just in a wig! That would be pretty funny.

I don't think his build or face fit much at all but his face was kinda just a mass of pixels, when in-game, in the first one anyway so I'm basing it on future games and even then its probably more important that he's actually a good actor above the other two things.

Gameplay over visuals, you know?

I just hope the voice is good and not cringe or too soft.
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This is fine with me

But personally should of used Karl urban

Fuck yeah. Although Oscar Isaac is fine for me, which is a lot since MGS is my favorite game (saga) of all time.
Jordan Vogt-Roberts as director? Fuck no.
And what's even worse.
Damn Derek Connoly as writer?!?! The one who helped write Detective Pikachu, Jurassic World and RISE OF THE SKYWALKER!?!?

Shit incoming guys. SHIT INCOMING.
At this point I would just let Uwe Boll do his things, at least it would be hilarious.


He's short for the role, but from an acting perspective, this is a fucking home run. This guy can act. He should absolutely crush it as Solid Snake. If they're going to cowboy up the money to get him for the role, they better pair him with a good director and script. The supporting cast can be whatever. Just nail Otacon and Ocelot. Don't fuck this up. I'm digging the leads on Uncharted and MGS. Great choices, IMO.

EDIT: Isaac did great in the paramilitary role in both Triple Frontier and Bourne Legacy. He can definitely pull it off.
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