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Original Mass Effect Pitch Gets Shared in Honor of the Game's 15th Anniversary


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

An unofficial Twitter profile called Mass Effect News, which, as the name suggests, is an account that details the goings-on with Mass Effect, has shared a couple of photos from Hudson's original pitch for the first game. This isn't the first time the document has been shared online, and copies of it can be found dating back to 2012. This time is especially significant, though, since the series celebrated its 15th anniversary recently.

The images provide an outline for the maiden installment, describing it as a "spectacular new Sci-Fi roleplaying game," with a treatment detailing a brief background of the overall story and highlighting players' ability to "travel across great distances." It's also interesting to note that the game wasn't called Mass Effect in this 2003 pitch, and was initially going to be given the name "SFX."



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Not even a single comment on this man's post? I'm a drunk man, I will support my Ibizian brethren.
Here im super tense about my pitch, working hard to have a simple but deep resume of the game and that is like......HEY WE HAVE AN AMAZING GAME WITH GORGEOUS BACKGROUNDS AND FANTASTIC PLOT AND SOME INCREDIBLE CHARACTERS AND PLAYERS CAN PLAY THE MOST AWSOME SPACE GAME!!!!
Looks like an elementary text jesus


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That first tweet which looks like someone's resume that has early concept ideas has to be the most generic proposal ever. It's like any sci-fi game with aliens and a party system could be that.

Are early proposal ideas that generic and full of buzzwords?
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