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Opinion Hype Open World Star Wars game - your wishlist


Jun 14, 2019
With the recent announcement of Lucasfilm Games partnering with Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment to develop a new open world Star Wars game:

I thought now might be the time to ask, what would you like in an open world game set in Star Wars? For me I'd like to see:

Multiple planets with open world areas - Jedi Fallen Order allowed us to travel to different planets with huge areas to explore. Let's take it a step further and have these become open world maps to explore and have stuff to do.

Jedi Fallen Order was lacking urban areas for us to explore, which I think was to be featured in Visceral's canceled Star Wars game. I hope Massive does this concept justice.

Customizable speeder vehicles - Aside from providing easy transport through a huge open world, Star Wars' version of cars and motorbikes should come with options for customizations. And no, I don't just mean cosmetics (looking at you Fallen Order).

Side activities - Now I know people will inevitably complain about how Ubisoft open worlds have repetitive side activities. But perhaps they could make them interesting if they add a twist unique to Star Wars. Stuff like bounty hunting, helping random strangers, moisture farming (whatever that entails), etc.

Choose your own droid - For once, I'd like a Star Wars game where a droid isn't a character, but utilitarian piece of equipment you can own. I'd like to choose a droid based on what kind of function it can fulfill. Whether it be a protocol droid for translation, a astromech droid to hack stuff and break into security, or a battle droid to provide support in combat.

Space Battles - It's Star Wars. Duh. On that note...

A spaceship/homebase - Your ship isn't just your means of traveling from one planet to the next. It's your home away from home and can be outfitted with upgrades to make it better suited for combat. It's not like the concept is foreign to Ubisoft, as they did it in Assassin's Creed Black Flag with the Jackdaw.

And last but not least...

A cute mascot - Because every Star Wars entry needs one from now on, like Grogu/Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian. Need to sell them merchandise yo. :messenger_winking_tongue:

But what do you want in an open world Star Wars game GAF?


Dec 27, 2010
East Coast
Meaningful Choice will always be number 1 for me.

A world that feels real (not like GTA)

Side quests that are more than just fetch quests


Aug 13, 2015
  • Watchtowers you can climb and interact with to reveal parts of the map
  • Leveled areas with soft region lock
  • ingame store you can walk to and buy ship and armour designs for real life money
  • integrated online store where you can purchase additional content like new weapons and outfits
  • camps and outposts you can attack and destroy (and attack them later again when enemies have respawned)
  • funny edgy sidequests


Dec 6, 2013
Good exploration and a good story, but it's Ubisoft so that's sadly already out of the question.

Then there's the obvious ones like "good gameplay, good combat, etc" and I definitely agree vehicles are a must if you are making a Star Wars Open world game. Both a Speeder and a space ship that you can upgrade and customize would be neat.
I also hope they don't go all in on Nostaliga. Have references and cameos but let it be it's own story.

Outside of that I'd like to go to some interesting new locations. There's more to Star Wars than Tatooine or some "rebel" base on a jungle planet.
Star wars also has places like Naboo, Coruscant, Bespin etc

I'm not saying I want the game to be set in any of those places in particular, but I'd be all for going to more new or unique places and not one of the more classic and over used ones.
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Jul 5, 2019
I'd like the light saber to be an endgame weapon that feels earned when you finally get it.


May 22, 2018
It straight up needs a different design philosophy, though I doubt that is in the cards. "Assassin's Creed but Star Wars" will sell massive amounts of copies and please many gamers, I imagine. For me, I need more than just Star Wars window dressing on a typical Ubisoft game.

If I could offer one suggestion for Ubisoft it would be "less is more."


Jun 14, 2019
Bounty Hunting. Let me go from planet to planet tracking down bounties giving me the option to bring them in dead or alive. Have a reputation system for the Bounty Hunter and the higher you get the more dangerous the galaxy is.
This would be a good time for Massive to copy the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor. It could work well with a bounty hunter game.

Twi'lek brothel visits to replenish health. :messenger_grinning_sweat:
Not going to happen under Disney Star Wars sadly. The fact that they wiped Slave Leia from any merchandise shows their dedication to keeping the brand kid friendly. No sexy Twi'lek for you!

Outside of that I'd like to some some interesting new locations. There's more to Star Wars than Tatooine or some "rebel" base on a jungle planet.
Star wars also has places like Naboo, Coruscant, Bespin etc

I'm not saying I want the game to be set in any of those places in particular, but I'd be all for going to more new or unique places and not one of the more classic and over used ones.
I'm down for that. New environments could bring a unique atmosphere, like Dathomir in Jedi Fallen Order. I thought that planet was fantastic.

No Jedi or lightsabers.

Make it a trader/smuggler game.
I agree actually. We've been playing as a Jedi for long enough in Star Wars games. Give other characters in the universe a chance.
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May 15, 2013
This would be a good time for Massive to copy the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor. It could work well with a bounty hunter game..

Hell yeah, something like that system would be perfect. Being able to see what other Bounty Hunters are capable of and building rivalries that eventually culminate in a showdown going after the same target. That's the Star Wars game I want to play.
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Jan 27, 2017
OP almost described The Old Republic.

I just want same or improved Jedi Academy single saber combat.
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Feb 24, 2015
It would be really cool to be able to visit recognizable locations. All depends on its time period though.

Almost everything mentioned above sounds spot on. The thing is, we have never had an open world Star Wars game like this. So I'm hoping they do it very well. High expectations from fans.


Dec 19, 2020
So I want a Mando game. My biggest wish is to fix the flying. I have always wanted to play an AAA Iron game with proper flight mechanism. I feel a Mando game can have such a mechanic too. Anthem supposedly had a similar flight thing but the game was garbage I am not touching that shit.
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Jan 7, 2018
Open-world Tatoonie. Also Coruscant would be great but it might be too big if the game has other planets. There could be speeder chases:

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Dec 2, 2010
Just don't set it between III and IV with a bunch of Jedi that conveniently survived order 66 and never did jack shit of importance afterwards.
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Dec 19, 2020
Just don't set it between III and IV with a bunch of Jedi that conveniently survived order 66 and never did jack shit of importance afterwards.
Agreed. Reading Vader comics and in each new issue, he finds a new Jedi who is a nobody and then they tie that dude to a super reveal like how Vader got his light saber. Very meh.


Nov 20, 2018
Zero fucks are given because it is EA and Ubisoft.
I'm never going to ever purchase a game again from either company.


Jul 1, 2009

  • Don't be developed by Ubisoft

Really I'd just like it if it didn't focus on literally ANY of the Skywalkers/existing characters. Let's see a whole new story with new characters and interesting stories. You know, like the Mandalorian did before it turned into a fanservice wankfest.
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Sep 10, 2013
GreyHorace GreyHorace I want everything on your list.

I just posted this elsewhere but In addition to large open planets to explore I want an open and seamless StarWars galaxy where you can hop in your ship and chart a course for another planet in real time. The jump to light speed is such a huge iconic part of the universe it needs to be included, and the technology is now at a level it can be fully realized in real-time gameplay. Gameplay wise, I want something that takes the combat and gameplay of Fallen Order but digs even deeper with more robust RPG spec choices and customization for your character, ship, base, droid etc. In addition to various classes in along side force wielders.
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Gold Member
Jan 22, 2016
I want an "open world game" to actually be open world and not faux-open world. What I mean by that is, take old school Ultima Online for example. This was a truly OPEN WORLD. When you made your character, you didn't have a class. You chose your look and your stats and were dumped into the world to do whatever you wanted. If all you wanted to do was roleplay as a baker, you could do that. Each time you cooked things, your cooking skill would increase. If you wanted to hunt for the meat yourself, pick up a weapon and go hunting, your weapon skill will increase. If you want to be a blacksmith...get a mining pick and find a vein. If you wanted to be an animal tamer, commanding horses to sell to other players or even tame a dragon who obeys your commands. If you want to be a mage, gather up some regeants and cast some spells. If you wanted to be a fighter, choose your weapon and increase your skill by beating up monsters. If you wanted to be a carpenter, grab a hatchet and find some trees to hack and get wood. And so on. I'd like to see star wars open world games expand on this with dynamic, impactful choices, a living online world that is centered around community and not queue systems, maybe even player-run towns and such.


Sep 26, 2019
LightSaber combat... Maybe like Sekiro. I dont want just a bounty hunter 3rd person shooter, a choice of both would be good.

Choices like Star wars KOTOR - Dark, Grey Jedi etc
Planet exploring with plenty of meaningful Side Quests
Loads of True Star Wars lore and atmosphere
Building a team
Space travel and combat

TBH just make it Star Wars KOTOR style, more of it, deeper with Sekiro combat and some 3rd person Shooting.
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Sep 29, 2020
Move away from the Empire, rebellion, first order timeline. Go far into the future or the past. Will probably be High Republic so they can have Yoda.
Multiple planets
Lightsaber weilding....good combat too
Ancient lore
A cool ship, that you can customize, or you can place some cool things from your adventures.
Side quest that are more than fetch quest. Build some lore or story with them.
Planets with more than one bio atmosphere
A cool group of sidekicks.
You don't have to be a Jedi....maybe you have one on your team.
Space combat that is fun and maybe it drives the story some times.
Good explosions.
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Gold Member
Dec 17, 2006
Something creative
Something unlike the Division, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and other Ubi games
Not a bland open world with endless Ubi map markers
No time savers
No loot boxes
How about no micro transactions at all
Strong narrative
Basically something unlike anything from the decidedly, self-admitted, creatively bankrupt Ubisoft
Not High Republic
Satisfying and challenging combat system
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Danger: male feminist
Feb 11, 2020
Open world? No. Open galaxy!

Something that plays out like breath of the wild. Choose which planet you want to fly to and complete in any order style. With no man sky type travel with random space encounters in between. The gameplay itself could be third person. Something like fallen order but more fun.