Once cross gen ends, would you be happy with 1080p on 'next gen' games if it meant keeping 60fps?

Would you accept 1080p on next gen games if it means keeping 60fps for the rest of the gen?

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Even with my LG CX, yes. But no with shitty upscale, which blurs the image even further, I dislike CBR. Other forms are ok.


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Just get rid of shitty Ray tracing and get both frame rate and decent resolution easy enough. If I wanted 1080p I would of been happy with a series s not series x.


Each time I jump from Destiny 2 on PS4 to the PS5 version, I feel like i'm playing a game from two completely different generation of consoles, instead of a last gen title with a couple of new features. 60fps makes that much of a difference.


Really depends on the game and what the design and engine choices the devs make. I use a 4k display so i'd like it be as close to possible but it isn't a deal breaker. Playing on PC primarily I know how much of a hog native 4k is.


On the consoles AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution should hopefully provide somewhat comparable results to DLSS to allow for 1080p native to be effectively AI Upscaled to look really close to native 4K, so where possible I think it's going to be a non-issue whether devs render their games at native 4K or use some lower base res to AI upscale from.

The extra horsepower available should be used for better physics, performance and of course graphics.
I don't think just focusing on 60FPS will be necessary, a lot of more demanding games could be 1080p 120FPS, perhaps RT included to some degree and the hardware could AI Upscale the RT effects to look much better.


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Dynamic 4k60 or 1440p60 I could live with. If 1080p/60 became the norm I'd sell my ps5 and build a gaming PC.

Ps5 Pro incoming.
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I don't mind lower internal res such as in Returnal if the upscaling tech results in a crisp image, essentially you don't see the difference.
However once I knew it was rendering at 1080 internally I started looking for the artefacts and found a few.

My biggest gripe is the low quality in-game face of Selene, when you pan the camera and look at that, it does look like a PS3 game.

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I remember when Sony promised the Draw distance in PS4 will be far from the camera, that didn't happen unless the fps was 25~30 900p like UE4 games

Now they promised 4k/60fps/RT at the same time along with XSX and it's not happening every time they show a trailer
Not sure they ever promised all of these "at the same time," but they're all pretty common in PS5/XSX games.
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Absolutely. My TV only does 1080p and I'm not upgrading anytime soon. Also, I'm coming over to the 60fps world now that my eyes adjusting. Gonna be hard to go back.

At least give us the option for 60fps and lower resolution. It's like the one gen where it's actually possible on consoles. No need to fuck it up by everyone trying to pull a CP2077.


1080p is okay but if it is 120 fps, 60 fps should be native 4k (I don’t care about rt), I can live with dynamic resolution

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I'm not playing anything at 30fps again.

I don't care about raytracing.

I've played a couple of games with 30fps raytracing modes and both times have wondered who would be prepared to play a game in that mode when the 60fps mode is available.

I know people do, but it's not for me.


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Having the option for performance and quality modes seem to be fine. I don't think that will change when "cross gen ends".


I'm on a 1080p TV anyway and PS5 games look just fine. I'd rather they amped the graphical fidelity and frame rate over resolution.


No one suspected Returnal was technically 1080p. As long as the temporal reconstruction and anti aliasing is good, 1080p60 is perfectly fine.

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Horizon Forbidden West has shattered the notion that cross-gen games would look weak on current gen systems. HFW on PS5 is one of the best if not the best looking game ever and it manages to have a solid 60fps mode without much compromise. I fully expect 60fps to be an option even after cross-gen is over; too many players prefer 60fps.


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The amount of console exclusive i play in a gen constitute like less than 5% of my total gaming time.

I'm perfectly ok with sony studios (because i play M games on pc) pushing graphic in those obsolete machines instead of having 60 fps, i can survive playing 1-2 games every year at stable 30 fps with mindblowing graphic.

Also 1080p on a 4k screen looks like trash most of the times.

I have my pc for the reamaining 95% of games at 60 frames.
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1080p is absolutely not bad and blurred, maybe 720p is. Give me a 1080p game with the best possibile AA (not that crappy TAA) with tons of geometry and lights and I'm happy.


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My main issue with 30fps before was really high input lag but they've figured out ways to mitigate that a lot recently.

Horizon 2 has amazing input lag in the 30fps mode, 60fps feels better but it's not like night and day, meanwhile image quality takes a massive hit and is very noticeable on a large display at a viewing distance where you get the full benefit of 4K, which unfortunately is unreasonably close in a room used for things other than gaming. So for most people with families and/or more than average sized rooms you'll need a giant display.

If you don't have that kind of setup I can see why you'd think the IQ is meaningless and a waste of time when you lose half your motion clarity and some to a lot of responsiveness.

1080p with near perfect AA to remove all jaggies still look like 1080p, you lose so much of the detail of modern games even at 1440p imo. I just couldn't believe how much more detail I saw in Jedi Fallen Order at native 4K vs. 1440p, its the exact same with Horizon 2 its hard to appreciate the finer details in the performance mode.

I'd be fine with 1080p-1440p for games like Psychonauts 2 to get 60hz or even 120hz but high frequency detail demands higher res imo, otherwise might as well have the fidelity of the last gen since you can't see it through a lower res frame.

The exception for the above being lighting advances or other things that can still be resolved at lower 1080p.


No. 4K over 60fps please.
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Consoles don't have the grunt to push next gen games at true PC ultra settings at anything other than 1080p if they want to keep rock solid 60 fps.

Then they can offer a 4k dynic 30 fps mode.


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Bruh.. I dont understand you weirdos. Go watch a nature documentary in 4K... then watch it again in 1080p.. then say with a straight face you don't care about 4k...
here's the difference: video games take way more power to render and are far more interactive than a fucking nature documentary. if i had the option of watching video in 4k.... i'd watch it in 4k because at the end of the day it's video. it doesnt require much processing power
now video GAMES are a different beast since 4k takes a shitton of time to render & sips your FPS like a fat kid given a bottle of coke. FPS in games are important because GAMES ARE INTERACTIVE. I know the last of us and uncharted have gaslit you to believe they're movies with extra steps, but they're video GAMES. you gotta play them. playing them feels like shit at 30fps cuz there's less time to react and the image looks choppier
I remember when Sony promised the Draw distance in PS4 will be far from the camera, that didn't happen unless the fps was 25~30 900p like UE4 games

Now they promised 4k/60fps/RT at the same time along with XSX and it's not happening every time they show a trailer
The thing that sucks is that they only have to do it once, just once... for them to be able to say "see, we delivered"
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