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Once cross gen ends, would you be happy with 1080p on 'next gen' games if it meant keeping 60fps?

Would you accept 1080p on next gen games if it means keeping 60fps for the rest of the gen?

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I play at 1080p on PC as i prefer 60fps and higher settings over higher resolution, plus i play on a 50inch 60hz tv.
1080p with TAA and a touch of sharpening, well it brings a very clean and crisp image, surprisingly jaggie free.

Returnal with its internal 1080p base resolution got me thinking as its a next gen only game.
When the cross gen phase ends in a year or two, and the 'proper' next gen games start coming, would you be happy with 1080p if it meant keeping 60fps?.

People seem to have it their minds that 30fps is gone for good, but imo it isnt. Most of the games released so far are cross gen games. Once devs start pushing these systems hard with proper next gen games, there is every chance devs may go back to 30fps for the extra eye candy, to stand out from the crowd.
Now i feel at 1080p, both XSX and PS5 have enough horsepower to run 'next gen' games at 60fps. If they keep targeting 4k, dynamic 4k, 1800p, etc, well they IMO wont have the power for 60fps.

So yeah, if it meant keeping 60fps, would you be happy with 1080p once the proper next gen games start coming?.
Maybe keep 2 modes like on the Pro consoles, resolution mode, framerate mode,?.



I remember when Sony promised the Draw distance in PS4 will be far from the camera, that didn't happen unless the fps was 25~30 900p like UE4 games

Now they promised 4k/60fps/RT at the same time along with XSX and it's not happening every time they show a trailer


I'm ok with 30fps on consoles so devs push visuals and physics as far as they can and then whoever wants to can play same games at 60fps on PC. Console games will be fine, they can get 60fps patches on Pro consoles later on.
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No. People reading too much into the case of Returnal. Take a look at Ratchet & Clank, Demon's Souls, and even some cross gen games and old games that get a boost and still look great. Going forward you'll see more games pushing the new consoles further and at least PS5 exclusives will set a benchmark for graphics and performance that will average at minimum 1440p and 60fps.
1080p is the minimum resolution for me. i'm not going below that. if a game can only manage 1080p 30fps then i'll take that over 720-900p 60fps. no point having a smooth fps if you can't see shit.

that said...60fps is a joke. it's the absolute bare minimum for me these days and has been for years now. 90-160fps is where i'm at. 90fps being my limit before my eyes start hurting. the game better be really good if i need to play at a measly 60fps.
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These consoles really needed substantial hardware base AI upscaling, I am dumbfounded they went into a 10 year console cycle without it.


It would also give a real reason for mid gen consoles, as currently what could mid gen Pro consoles offer?, 8k?, no lol.
Devs targeting 1080p-1440p/60 for the rest of the gen, well any Pro consoles could be taking them games and targeting 4k.


Returnal is not native 1080p for God sake. It more expensive than that. If it is native1080p, you would have most people complain about it playing on their 60 in TV. Some said on reset Era that it is barely looking better than 1440p.


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I'd prefer they maintain 60 fps but not if it means having to run at native 1080p. Also depends on graphical features like Ray Tracing. Totally fine with a game not having RT to maintain 4K/60. What I prefer more than anything else is if the game cannot be run at 4K/60 with all its intended visual flare, then give me multiple options. Just like they did with Miles Morales.


As long as image quality stays good then I don't care what the resolution is. Modern rendering techniques have gotten very good at hiding scaling artifacts and especially when running with tools like DLSS.

It does mean that I'll be sticking with my 1080p plasma for a bit longer. It's already got a fantastic image and 60hz motion is smoother than on LCD/OLED.

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Case in point: demon souls remake. An amazing looking current gen game and supports a 4K/30fps or 1440/60fps. There’s no reason why games can’t hit at least 1440p when aiming for 60fps.

Spider-Man miles morales has the same general concept, 4K/30fp/RT, 1800/60fp/no RT AND 1080p/60fps/RT


why do people care so much about internal resolution?

It might be better for the mental health of some gamers here to not actually know what the internal resolution of a game is so they can enjoy what they see with their eyes on the TV instead of the internet telling them what they are looking at is not good enough.
The same can be said for framerate. If you weren't told the framerate, how would you know or care?

I am much more likely to notice the images being blurry due to it being low resolution than being able to count individual frames every 33 milliseconds.


The same can be said for framerate. If you weren't told the framerate, how would you know or care?

I am much more likely to notice the images being blurry due to it being low resolution than being able to count individual frames every 33 milliseconds.
the image won't be blurry. that's the point :messenger_expressionless:


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The same can be said for framerate. If you weren't told the framerate, how would you know or care?

I am much more likely to notice the images being blurry due to it being low resolution than being able to count individual frames every 33 milliseconds.
I’m the opposite.

Framerate is very obvious to me. Resolution, not so much.

Of course, this could be because I’m still using 1080p tv and monitor but I do feel framerate much more.
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Lol op thinks the more taxing games coming out 2 years from now will run above 720p If locked at 60fps. Poor OP.

WITH Ray tracing they'll be 480p upscaled at solid 60fps. Look at Ratchet that's 30fps already. Xbox may be stronger but when we have games three times more demamding you think these consoles can handle it at 1080p 60fps with or without ray tracing? AAA demanding games?
I don’t really care or have an expectations for what devs will do. If they want to make it native 4K and prioritize resolution that is fine. If they want to go lower and prioritize image that is fine too. Devs should do what they want.

Ive never been under the illusion that every game going forward would be full 4k.
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1080p? I don't know ... It depends on the final image quality. Look at performance mode with Demon's Souls, supposedly an upscaled 1440. It looks amazing at 60fps and razor sharp on my 85" Sony. I would be MORE than happy with that level of image quality with better overall visuals and frame rate. Absolutely.


These consoles should be able to handle 1440p/60.

That's not how it works, There is no hardware that "should" do 1440p/60 in a vacuum. The question is what are you throwing at it, this thread is asking if developers should throw games at you that are so demanding they need to run at 1080/60.

Even a 3090 "shouldn't" do 1080p if you throw toystory 2 at it.


Better framerate over resolution for me. They could do tweaks to allow 4k 60 for most games but I don't see that happening on consoles.


Native 1080p at 60 fps is better than fake 4k changing resolutions every time you take a step at 26-30 fps. I think consoles should be more like pc and let you play the games even at 720p 200 fps if you want. I now they do the performance mode and whatever but I'm talking about real customization.

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  1. Path-Tracing
  2. 480i
  3. 30fps
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The amount of hate the Series S has been getting for running games at 1080P 60, i dont want a single person here saying that it’s fine to do 1080P now that your great PS5 is rendering natively at 1080P.
I’ve never cared about red, but most this Gaff has been shitting on the XS because it’s “only 1080P” and that’s not “next-gen” enough.
Hell no wtf is that. I'd much rather have 30fps and better fidelity than playing at a resolution that became standard over a decade ago. Thankfully history has shown I'll get my way. Kiss my ass you 60fps lovers! Hahahaha


Reconstruction techniques and TAA really make wonders and when the AMD dlss alternative arrives true 4k will just be a waste of resources, so yeah I am all in for 1080p internal resolution(Look at spiderman and Returnal, really crisp smooth images and 60fps).

Optimizing rendering and video output techniques is the focus of this generation, Nvidia jumped on that first and now consoles and AMD are catching up.

P.S I Can feel and see/perceive when a game runs sub 60fps, but resolution... Even DF with their tools have trouble figuring out if it's reconstruction or native these days.
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