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Opinion OMNO is the perfect Sunday chillout game I didn't know I needed


Jan 15, 2020

This thing is just such a nice surprise. At its core a very simple puzzle-platformer, no combat, no dialog, no backstory, just exploration, traversal with an amazing chill ambient soundtrack.

It's just the definition of a videogame in relax mode and a perfect place to hang after murdering an army of cyborgs and dying 100 times in The Ascent.

You play as the Staffbearer on a journey, traveling through alien planet biomes interacting with various creatures and solving puzzles involving what seems to be some ancient light-powered architecture.

Speaking of Journey, clearly the no.1 inspiration here next to stuff like Abzu. Bit laggy controls getting used to, strange framerate dips now and then but the whole thing just works as a successful project, kickstarted and delivered by one dev dude.

Omno is a single player adventure game where you play as a pilgrim making your way through an ancient world of wonders on a quest to find a mythical gate of light. It’s a game of exploration and traversal, where you’ll have to use platforming and puzzle solving skills to make your way through each world.
You’ll acquire new abilities as you progress, each one a celebration of the joy of movement – whether that means dashing over sheer drops, surfing over sand dunes or gliding through the clouds. Omno is also designed to be a calm, gentle experience: there’s no combat, and instead you’ll find yourself interacting with all of the strange and fantastical creatures you encounter, with each one rewarding you for your friendliness and curiosity, often in surprising ways!

It's on gamepass now go check it out.


Feb 18, 2019
Yeah, I agree. Framerate drops withstanding, I really liked this. Puzzles are fun and it is clearly a passion project that has tons of character and personal touch.
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Mar 14, 2014
Playing and enjoying it, but the frame rate in sections is very very poor (and this is on the XSX). Enough to make me feel ill.

I may hang off and hope for a patch. Would definitely like to finish it.

Kudos to the dev!
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