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OLED & Gaming: Is burn in a problem?


Feb 4, 2017
Agreed. My fault for mis-stating. But I wonder how often this isn't clarified when conversations like this occur. For some people, "burn-in" and "image retention" might as well be the same in regards to how they feel about it, regardless of whether or not it's permanent. For others, perhaps they do feel more comfortable knowing "it won't ruin your investment."
I will also agree that I see the retention more observedly while in my Xbox Dash after watching Mixer and it does go away fairly quickly (eg under a few minutes if I'm staying in the Dash.)
All good. People unfortunately do use the terms "burn-in" when they really mean image retention. Just the way it is.

I've not read of anyone, under normal usage, having burn-in on a 2017 OLED. Heck, I don't know that I've read of anyone having burn-in, period, on a 2017 OLED. When you're selling this many OLEDs (especially in 2017 where the prices have finally become more reasonable), you're much more likely to read of burn-in issues, - and, well - I haven't read of these issues.


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Jul 17, 2004
My plasma finally died on Wednesday. I decided to take a chance on a open box lg C7 65 that will be delivered Friday. Recommend settings and videos to look for issues with it. I have 15 days to make sure it is all good. If I have to return will probably have to get the 55 Inch. It is the TV I wanted I was going to get the x900e 65 but that open box called my name for 500 more. I'm excited wanted an oled but was hoping to wait for the 8s but shit happens.


Nov 13, 2015
On my b7 I get image retention when viewing captures on x1 and in between changing captures on the grey screen i see it but it goes away instantly when tje next image loads. I had a 900e led and saw it there also. I do a pixel refresh every few days. But yeah no burn in whatsoever