Old school brawl. Capcom or Konami

Who was the Better old school third party Developer

  • Capcom

    Votes: 20 33.9%
  • Konami

    Votes: 7 11.9%
  • I like them Both

    Votes: 31 52.5%
  • Other ..

    Votes: 1 1.7%

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This thread here

Got me reminiscing about the 8 to 32 bit era and two companies in particular Capcom and Konami.
I’m pretty sure that amongst the two of them they made some of the best games besides Nintendo and Sega, for multiple different systems,genres and gameplay.

(Oh and Treasure but they came after)

I’m leaning more towards Konami for shear overall quality and system pushing games
(Axelay, Contra 3, Tiny toon adventures)

But then I remember how great Aladin was. You also cannot talk about old school Capcom without mentioning the GOAT 2D fighting series of all time Street fighter.

I honestly do not think there was a better third party pair then the Capcom and Konami for the range of games they made back in the day.
Who do you consider they better of the two?

RARE may be mentioned but weren’t they all bought out by Nintendo ?
EA the sequel kings & square were more stick to the template of JRPGs I felt. (I don’t knock them for that. I’m just talking about balls to the wall creativity and pushing the limits of what ever console they released a game on)

Who had the better track record. I don’t remember Konami producing a dud game. Capcom Had that weird street fighter brawler on the NES but I never owned it.

Also old console wars vets. Welcome back to the 90’s playground/schoolyard times. Let’s keep it respectful. We all know how it played out in the End.
Let’s look back with rose tinted glasses and appreciate what we had.
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At the time probably Konami for Turtles and NES hits galore, Simpsons etc. But looking back now, Capcom arcade efforts had much ore polish, their beat em ups were overall better. Capcom's NES success as well is pretty equal to Konami. Very similar companies, in very different places now of course. When you talk about the 80's and NES, they are the two top third parties for sure. Of course you could continue this battle on SNES and PS. Capcom did support the Saturn, I'll give them that. Both so great, poor Konami.

Honestly I can't objective decide without considering the poor state of Konami now.
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RARE may be mentioned but weren’t they all bought out by Nintendo ?
Nintendo got the 49% stake around the N64 era. And even then, Rare was still its own company with its own collection of self-published games (Diddy Kong Racing, Jet Force, Perfect Dark, etc.).

Back to the topic, I would personally go with Capcom. Mega Man and Street Fighter were the good shit.
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I'll have to take the cowards choice with 'like them both'.
Either logo on 8-16bit console games or arcades promised quality entertainment.
I gone the like time both route too.

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I thought Axelay, Contra and contra 3 , TMNT IV, Batman , tiny toon adventures.

Then final fight , duck tales . All the street fighters, Aladin, UN squadron.

I think Genre wise Konami experimented more (off the top of my head).

But street fighter 2 was a beast of a series.

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This was the game that made me notice the name Konami as a child. It was my first association of game quality and developer. Didn't really touch anything Capcom in 16bit days.

Then we fast forward to PlayStation, and Resident Evil becomes my favourite franchise. Capcom was the king of 32 for me.

Then we get to PlayStation 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2/3 become the best things I had ever played, but it's past the era mentioned in the OP.

I'm going to say Capcom overall.
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I noticed that you didn't include Technōs on the list. Probably a wise move since no fighting game in history has ever compared to River City Ransom. This contest to determine number two probably makes for more discussion.


I like them both, but I chose Konami because of the TMNT games and, of course, Metal Gear Solid. If Metal Gear Solid didn't exist, Cacpom would have won for Okami alone.


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Konami was the gold standard (along with Taito and SEGA) other than the CPS2/CPS3 fighters Capcom was never really my jam then or now

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