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Odyssey is by far the worst Assassin's Creed and one of the worst games I ever played

Do you think AC Odyssey is a good game/good AC?

  • It's a good videogame but not a good AC.

    Votes: 125 23.9%
  • It's a good videogame and a real AC.

    Votes: 174 33.3%
  • It sucks.

    Votes: 223 42.7%

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Jan 7, 2018
To begin, I was sort of an Assassin's Creed fan from the beginning in 2007. The first game was simply magical, that huge open world, the uniqueness of the setting and the gameplay, the graphics, the animations, the serious story that touched on philospophical and morality topics simply amazed me. Sure, the repetitiveness of it was criticized by many but it was nothing compared to Odyssey's.

So coming from Origins (which is among my favorites in the franchise, although I don't consider it a true "Assassin" game that either) I had no high hopes for Odyssey, seeing that it was a reskinned Origins, but still I was curious because of the new setting and as I like the franchise. I was getting worried seeing some videos that left me a bad impression regarding the writing but I was not prepared to what the game offers. Got it on day one, played a few hours and it gave a bad impression. I thought I will play it later but everytime I tried I never enjoyed it. Now Valhalla is coming and I decided to play it through to know the story but I'm having a really hard time and I can't wait to finish it.

I always try to avoid judging someone based on their looks, but look at one of the main writers of this game:

[Picture removed as I only wanted to use it for demonstration purposes and after a night's sleep I realized that it's against my principles to ridicule someone because of their looks, even if I hate what that person represents by their looks. I would like to highlight that it's not because of some posters' comments, (we are incels, etc.), I don't care what some simple-minded folks think about me, but because of my conscience.]

Based on this image you would imagine the worst millennial type writing filled with obnoxious SJW bullshit in your face all the time and you would be so right. Honestly, I don't remember ever complaining about writing in a game, but this is just unbearably horrible. I'm skipping the dialogs as I can't stand them. I have never done this in any game. It has nothing to do with the deep (compared to this) topics of the original AC, it's like a (really) bad millennial TV comedy with some of the worst performances I ever saw. A lot of times there is like no connection in the delivery, the writing, and what you can see animation wise on the screen. I just can't understand how can it be so bad. Everything is trying to be funny and failing so bad I'm cringing all the time. Thanks to this and the lame performances even the scenes intended to be serious are laughable. Also Alexios acts like a typical millennial bitch. I can't say this in any nicer way. It's horrible. The most important thing is to force their SJW bullshit in your face. Some male characters always wanting to fuck Alexios and not once having me forget which hole they like.

Honestly, who designed this game? Did they really think it is enjoyable? You can't even play as a proper Assassin. I go into a fort and can't assassinate captains that are 5 levels below me. Wtf? Of course I'm forced to fight for an infinite amount of time as 10 soldiers start to attack me, who are made of stone and have to chip away their health for minutes, despite being 5 levels lower than me and my gear. Then some fucking mercenaries start to teleport who are even worse with posion and magic spamming and some bears and wolfs, and some fucking chickens. You can't go anywhere and enjoy the scenery for too long, as everyone and everything wants to kill you always. Fucking chickens even, lol. Infinite amount of samey forts, caves, ruins etc. How can this be considered one of the best in the series when it has 100000 times the repetitiveness of the first AC game? Also, there is this boring neverending combat always with the bad animations and you cannot even use a shield as a Spartan(!). Wtf is this again?

Remember the leaks for Origins? It said that Greece was part of that game. It's clear, lots of reused assets, lazy design in every sense. It's like they took the Greece parts out of that game, enlarged the map and made a full game of it filling with boring content. They needed a story and characters and said fuck it, who cares, just vomit and shit something, mix it well then those losers will get it anyway.

Excuse my rant but I'm baffled why so many like this game. I have never wanted something to end this much. You could ask why I'm playing it if I hate it this much. It's only because I still like the franchise and I'm interested in the story and want to know it before Valhalla and I also like to explore as the world still has some beautiful and interesting places despite having a lot of reused assets and lazy design. The graphics has some high points and the music is nice but playing it through is just a slog. Being everything so frustrating I just run into the locations, get the required loot, kill the captain etc. to complete the place and just run away instead of fighting half the world for hours.

TLDR: This is one of the must frustrating games I ever played, with boring, neverending repetitive gameplay with the worst SJW writing I ever saw. I cannot understand how this particular instalment became so popular.
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Feb 27, 2020
United Kingdom
Second worst game I've ever played after FFXV. It's like it goes out of its way to waste your time. Not to mention the combat is dogshit. I feel like I should have been paid to play that trash. I would love to play another AC when they decide to focus more on stealth like they used to.
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Jun 28, 2011
Origins was fairly better imo.


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Dec 11, 2008
I liked AC: O a lot, I spent more than 120 hours with it, platinumed it and also completed the first DLC. I only stopped with the game because it was such a timesink and I wanted to play something else. I didn't see anything wrong with the writing. But I can see why you'd be wary of the game after seeing a photo of the main writer. Melissa MacCoubbrey has an incredible punchable face. That hairdo, those glasses, that smug smile... Ugh. Instant dislike.
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Jul 18, 2017
I’m a big history buff so I should be interested in this but havnt pulled the trigger.

Does it compare well to Kingdom Come: Deliverance?


Oct 20, 2013
It sounds like you came into the game wanting to play a very different game, and with an Ax to grind against the writer. You waned to dislike the game, and you did, congrats! AC Ody is very different than the early AC games. That doesn't make it a bad game. If Ody is a bad game then about 98% of games are bad.


Sep 26, 2019
I heard good things.
I stopped playing AC games after Unity but want to get back into them... Should I?
How did they make ancient Greece SJW?
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Feb 25, 2006
I mentioned it in another thread, Odyssey is probably the most disappointing game I’ve ever played, it’s horrible, the game is a total trash grind. OP is right on about the dialogue, it’s like a blue check twitter thread turned into a video game. They had absolutely no respect for the period, no respect for the source material, or the characters, or the era. Considering how trashy the mechanics are, how everything is a giant slog and waste of time, how the leveling system is worthless because of scaling, how the loot is just endless garbage, and how tedious exploring everything is, there’s just nothing worthwhile about this game save the graphics. And it’s such a massive downgrade over every other AC game, I mean they put a boat in, great, except it’s not even as good as the one in AC3, let alone Black Flag.

Valhalla looks absolutely horrible, graphically they just ripped off Witcher 3 and did a worse job, the characters are hideous, and based on videos I’ve watched, the dialogue has the same blue check twitter feel. That game honestly looks awful, good thing Ubishit has two other compelling looking games this season.
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Jan 7, 2018
Loved it. Spent like, 130? hours on it doing everything. Played as the female lead. She was pretty badass. Got a lot of innocent people killed though.

OP seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder.
That's another thing. If you can play as a female character in such game, then at least let me play as a real assassin hiding in the shadows, hunting for my prey. Not only as a 50 kg warrior lady who is fighting 100 kg males because it's really jarring. I accept that others don't care about it, but at least let me play as an assassin then, that's all.


Jun 4, 2012
Playing it right now. I like it.

Gear system, Kassandra, choices, size of world, characters, transmog, talent tree are all enjoyable to great.

Climbing being inconsequential, a lot of quests requiring the player to do things they would have done anyway, mediocre enemy a.i. are all less great. None ruin the experience, only keep it from goty status.

Overall I’d give it a solid 4/5. Enjoyable, but not groundbreaking. In terms of it being a “real” ac? No idea. Ac has never felt like it had a complete handle on what it wanted to be. Hitman in the Middle Ages? Splinter cell? Open world action adventure? The very first game dabbled in all of this and more. Later titles only strayed further in one way or another. Base building, boats, co-op heists, etc. Personally, I just treat the series like Final Fantasy and take each on its own terms.


Gold Member
May 19, 2019
This makes me fucking mad.

Know what makes this really important, They have a version of the game they market towards school and other educational outlets called the Tour Mode, which like Assassins Creed Origins before it where they substituted an entire race of people with anouther one to make a modern day political point is pretty dangerous.

I know its assassins creed and its not historically accurate but when you start releasing a version of the game marketed as such with shit like this in it... this is where the problems start.

Can't wait for the historically accurate Assassins Creen Viking tour where 70% of sheildmaidens where lesbians and simply premptively defending there culture from bigot christian monks who are attempting to force a patriarchy onto the female lead viking utopia that was recorded historically before that point.
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Jan 26, 2020
I didn't enjoy it, either. The few things I liked about it come from the huge amount of production value Ubisoft pours into every major AC game.
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Sep 9, 2020
I personally couldn't finish the game, maybe playing it after GOW ruined my enjoyment but after coming from such a well-designed game like GOW I could easily notice the drop-off in quality between the two and it was very big to me. I got 10 hours into the story and it just didn't feel any good, the story was off and the talking was very bad IMO. Maybe ill come back to it someday, it's probably one of the only games I haven't managed to finish.


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Dec 25, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
I really like Kassandra, but that's about it.

I’m a big history buff so I should be interested in this but havnt pulled the trigger.

Does it compare well to Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
No I don't think that anything comes close to Kingdom Come. It has massive research team with people outside the industry.
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Mar 18, 2020
platted Odyssey within 2 weeks cuz didnt had to go to work...but in my opinion it is at same lvl with origins...tho i played as Kassandra...rather watch female ass while playing than guys :D
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Feb 19, 2014
That's another thing. If you can play as a female character in such game, then at least let me play as a real assassin hiding in the shadows, hunting for my prey. Not only as a 50 kg warrior lady who is fighting 100 kg males because it's really jarring. I accept that others don't care about it, but at least let me play as an assassin then, that's all.

But I did play as an Assassin.