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Oddworld Dev Says PS Plus Free Game Deal Was’ Devastating’

Nobody was buying that shit, get out of here with your pipe dreams. It’s Oddworld, there are like 15,000 fans in the world, lol.

15k is being generous tbh

This would have done Babylons fall numbers without sony marketing. I doubt most of us would have even known of its existence. I didn’t really pay attention to the last few Oddworld releases either.
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I've always liked Lorne but he tends to have his head halfway up his ass too. Four million downloads of a free game DOES NOT equal four million 'lost' sales.

I listened to most of the interview but couldn't find any indication that he (a guy I know nothing about btw, I have no bias either way) believed that downloads equals number would be sold. He was miffed that they made a deal in the lower end of expectations, blaming no one but themselves, that's all I could extract from it.
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