October has an insane amount of games!

How many are buying or playing?

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lol yea I don't give a shit about anything coming out this month other the that RE8 Expansion.

Even COD MW2 I'm getting for the PS5 bundle and I'm just selling that shit lol


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3 must-play premieres within 2 weeks make what could be the best month on gamepass ever for me.

Scorn, Plague Tale 2 and the aforementioned retro horror gem Signalis. Can't wait.

So I'm buying nothing and that's already more gaming than I might have time for.

Maybe I'll squeeze in RE8 DLC somewhere


Interested in 4 games:
Plague Tale
Gotham Knights

... but none will be day one purchases. Waiting for sales.

I'm also interested in a game not of the list, that's getting released this month:
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Too many...

Nier Automata: End of the YoRHa Edition
Persona 5 Royal
Bayonetta 3
No Man's Sky (Switch Edition)
Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection and
Maybe Mario +Rabbids 2

October has been absolutely insane on my poor wallet...


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Insane? lol.
I might play Scorn.
I want to get 3rd person dlc for Village but not sure if now.

I would love to play last 3-4 cod campaigns but I am done with paying 70 for these games to play campaign only.
Very interested in RE Village Gold, happy I never played it when it came out. Excited for the third person mode.

Other than that I think I’m good.


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I pre-ordered COD to play the Beta. Punishing myself with cold showers for the next month.

I'm interested in Plague Requiem, but I'll play on Gamepass. On the fence about Bayonetta 3. Is it bad that the only reason that's the case is because I wish I could play on PC instead of my Switch. Does this make me a bad person?


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I will probably pick up persona 5 on PC in like a year when it is on sale and there are a bunch of decent mods out for it.

If scorn got amazing reviews I would consider playing it. That's it, this is a terrible month.


Nah, I'm good on all that. I have a few lined up to play already. Including ghost of tsushima. God those open world games are huge I can basically play half of each one and then go back like a year later to finish them.


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The only one that interests me is Plague Tale. But I'll probably buy that on sale later on, or wait for it to go on PS+.

Everything else is a massive meh.


Scorn- Penises in a dark alien Sci-fi, sign me up.
New Tales of Borderlands - I've been craving laughter mixed with adventure.
Coral Island - I was a backer of this farm sim and I can't wait to play it.


Already have A Plague Tale Requiem and Gotham Knights preordered,gonna play Scorn on Gamepass and I'll also get Bayonetta 3 but next month after God of War Ragnarok.

Pretty great end of the year If you ask me especially since we still have Crisis Core remake and Callisto Protocol in December.


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Scorn and Plague Tale will be played. RE8 expansion bought. I will probably play Undecember on PC the most though.
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Star Ocean. I would have got Bayo 3, but i’m petty and dislike her voice actor being changed. Will wait for sale now.
Might grab Triangle Strategy (PC), Persona 5 Royal (Switch) and Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Also, Plague Tale Requiem and Scorn on Game Pass. Very busy month.

Then Tactics Ogre Reborn and Pentiment in November.
Callisto Protocol in December.

Only bayonetta 3, some of the games Will be on gamepass and I Will only pay 1 dollar for a month, I don't think I Will Buy unless I really really like them.
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