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NXGamer/IGN: Elden Ring: PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S Performance Review



-Two modes across all three platforms: Quality and Frame Rate. Settings are pretty much the same on both except for shadows resolution.

- In Quality Mode both PS5 and Series X target a fixed resolution of 2160p. Series S runs at 1440p.

- In Frame Rare mode resolution is dynamic. Series S tops out a 1440p when looking at the sky but in action its often 1170p or even 1080p (in battles can drop to 1008p). PS5 and Series X top out at 2160p and in action can drop to 1512p. However the PS5 is often higher than Series X. Michael shows a shot which is 1512p on Series X and 1620p on PS5, so a 12-15% advantage for PS5 in heavy sections.

-As to performance, both modes run with a 60 fps cap, just one of them hits that target much better. In Quality Mode neither PS5 not Series X hit 60 fps during the tested sections, with highs of 45-47 and both dipping into the 30s. Series S is a bit worse, in Quality Mode is most of the time 32 or lower and can drop below 30 fps even in Frame Rate Mode even at sub-1080p. PS5 usually has an advantage of 4 to 7 fps compared to Series X (13 to 20% in Quality Mode even with the latest patches applied).

In Frame Rate neither is close to being locked, but PS5 runs generally better as we saw in Quality Mode.

-Loading times are much faster on PS5 (6.3 seconds vs 17.8 in the section tested).
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bless you ssd.

bloodborne launch version flashback


So people. which is the majority who does not have VRR compatible TV are screwed then.
I'm not the other people.
I pointed out the best way to play the game as mentioned by digitalfoundry and for myself.
It sucks for those with a display without VRR, but for me it's a non issue. (Selfish I know)
Plus the thread about VRR displays today (over 60% off GAF users claimed to own a display with VRR when I checked earlier)

I don't understand why some users try turn everything into a console war or get weirdly defensive.

Just enjoy elden ring tomorrow, you'll be happier :)


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And then the s is slower than x. I thought they had the same SSD and io? Is it the capacity that makes it slower?

I think it's the poor optimization more than anything lol.

yeah, the game is clearly a very poor port on the Xbox systems...

I'd say poor, but not very poor. At least it's functional and they reinstated motion blur .... so there's that :messenger_mr_smith_who_are_you_going_to_call:
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Does the video mention if they recording the findings with the Day 1 patch or is this something that is pre-patch?
if it does then they clearly didn't give a shit while porting. both Xboxes have a dedicated decompression block that is there to handle the decompression
Forgive me if i miss remembering something as i stopped fine tooth combing the specs and features like a year ago but i thought the Series consoles still relied a bit on the CPU for part of that?


Forgive me if i miss remembering something as i stopped fine tooth combing the specs and features like a year ago but i thought the Series consoles still relied a bit on the CPU for part of that?

not if the game is optimized properly no. the decompression block is designed to run the SSD at max speed while having almost zero CPU usage for decompression needed


I have been noticing almost every game where DF or NXGamer compare load times the XSS is always slower that the XsX.

which is really due to no developer actually utilizing the decompression hardware properly... like there is no other explanation given that they have literally the same IO and decompression hardware. so they should load exactly identically, and the S version often even faster due to having lower res assets


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
Bojji Bojji tested the difference between native and pro on PS5 and there wasn’t much of a difference
huh interesting, oh well, nonetheless i will still get the PS5 ver, i feel like pro version runs better but visual wise may be lacking like LOD and such, but i didnt watch the comparison videos so i may be wrong.

EDIT: wait so PS4 pro loads faster than Series X!? LOL
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given the typical PS5 player that will be very necessary too!
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I know your trolling, but real talk. I never understood the thought that players of one system are better than players of another. I mean floks flip flop back and forth for one Gen to the next, additional quite a few people own all systems and a PC to boot.
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