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[NX Gamer] Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut - The Technical Review

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I really wanted to play in Japanese and lack of lip sync wasn't really the limiting factor it was more that I missed a bunch of the dialogue when I was doing anything other than riding a horse when they spoke to me. I didn't want to feel like I was staring at the bottom third all the time, its fine in media for me because I'm not controlling anything, in a game looking away for as long as it takes to read subtitles is enough time to fuck something up.

Its not the same as glancing at a HUD for me, in some racing games I dark back and forth between the minimap/map and the road constantly but a 3rd person action game is a bit more involved than a racing game imo.

BTW why is the lighting so different in the language comparison near the start, just because its an in-game rendered cutscene and the time of day happened to be different or is that down to the PS5 version specifically rendering in real-time vs. pre-rendered on PS4? I don't know how I feel about it if its the latter as that means the cinematography changes depending when you do things and I'd prefer it to be locked to what the director/whoever decides these things in a game rather than based on the current ToD/conditions as thats the reason I thought AC: Valhalla could look like crap or really great depending on ToD.


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Good video but i wish he had talked a bit more about how basic the visual upgrades are and took them to task for such a barebones visual upgrade. Especially when other studios are adding ray tracing and 120 fps modes.

DF and NX gamer are the only ones reviewing the technical aspects of games nowadays and they are essentially the critics/reviewers of this stuff.

Maybe they need to start rating these ports now that cross gen is gonna be a reality for at least another year or two. You have to start comparing then to the industry standards.
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