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NVIDIA Wants To Cut Down 5nm Wafer Orders For Next-Gen GeForce RTX 40 Series Due To Crypto Flood Resulting In Lower Demand, Alleges Report

Yeah OK buddy.
Nvidia has more than just gamers to cater to. In fact I'm fairly certain they're gearing towards their datacentre and automotive efforts overtaking gaming as their primary revenue driver. It certainly has been their largest source of growth in the last 5 years.
If dGPU demand falls, Nvidia will happily chuck out a boatload of Orins, Grace / Hoppers for Datacentre and automotive. Given how badly chip shortages have affected the car industry, I'm sure the influx of supply will be welcomed.

This is why AMD has to step up.
They won't.
AMD are no longer interested in being the value player in the market. They had been offering better value products compared to Nvidia for decades (HD 4870/4850, HD 5870, HD 7970, HD 7850, R9 290X, R9 390X, RX 480, RX 580, RX590, Vega 56, RX 5700/XT) and people said "Wow, that's a great value product, I'll wait for Nvidia to drop their prices to $50 more than what AMD are charging and buy that".

So now they'll just price-match Nvidia or barely undercut them. Because why would you leave profit on the table, by charging significantly less and being rewarded with no marketshare gains.

The market has been fucked for years, and it will never get unfucked. We gamers made our choice, and we chose more expensive over good value.
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Yep, this is what i am doing with crypto right now. You don't even need to rush it, rates will be low for a long time to come.
I invested; Nvidia, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, all down but I’m hoping for a return to where they were before this dip within a year. Should secure the next PC upgrade. Or make sure I stick with the current build longer…
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