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Nvidia RTX 3060 announced: 13TF, 12GB GDDR6 - $329, (un)available late February


Is it me or is this GPU even at MSRP a joke. Barely faster than last gens 300 gpus (rx 5600xt, rtx 2060) and just on par with 350-400gpus like rx5700 and rtx 2060 super
If it can be found at MSRP it's not at all a joke even though it only trades blows with the 2060S (which is a bit disappointing). Especially when used fucking 2060S cards are going for hundreds above this MSRP right now. The 2060 super isn't a 350-400$ gpu right now, not in reality.


Pretty much a 2060S / 2070-ish at rasterization, and somewhat above that at RTX? That sounds pretty good at MSRP. I would say a premium version with top end components from a reputable manufacturer at $329 would actually be a hell of a deal - with $350 being justified if that kind of a kit. And even still, it's not worth upgrading if you already have a 2060.

Has Nvidia said they are doing anything special at all to get more of these 3060 chips to market? Other than gimping their mining efficacy? Anything about new manufacturing?


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It's ps5 digital mark II - a low price point so they can advertise nvidia, dlss, rtx, and then deliver hardly any units.


How is it 329? The cheapest evga card i see on best buy and microcenter is $379
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