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Nintendo Switch Sports Review Thread


tried putting it in before strapping to my leg. no luck. it's far too tight and i feel like it's going to damage my analog stick.
Just tried it on my Ring Fit Adventure strap, which is slightly different but pretty much the same, and the righ Joycon fits just fine. Removing it is a little tricker and you have to lift up the mesh, but it hardly seems like a problem.


A friend got this mostly for his kids but we tried it today and it's pretty fun. The special bowling courses and badminton were pretty fun. Though is it me or does Tennis feel slower than in Wii Sport?
But it all feels extremely basic and limited, I know it's not full price but even for $40 it's pretty light on content with essentially just 6 basic minigames. The character customization is also surprisingly terrible, there's like 6 haircuts.
And apparently unlocking further customization options requieres you to play online (and pay for online play) which sucks for people that don't play switch online and just bought this to play with the family.

I guess a Nintendo $40 is a "$20 if anyone else made it".
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