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Nintendo Switch has surpassed PS4 total sales in France


According to Le Figaro, which has interviewed Philippe Lavoué (director of Nintendo of France), Nintendo Switch (~6.1 million units sold) has surpassed PS4 total sales in France (~6.0 million units sold).
Soon Switch will also surpass the Wii (~6.3M) and become the second best selling console of all time in France, only behind the Nintendo DS.

The splits among the different models are as follow:
Normal: ~4.9M
Lite: ~0.93M
Oled: ~0.22M

As for the annual sales in 2021, Switch was the best selling console with about 1.3 million units sold.
These healthy hardware sales were favoured by a big hit like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl which has already sold over 700K units and was the second best selling game for the year in France behind Fifa 22.
About 5.7 million of physical units of Nintendo published games were sold during the year (more or less flat compared to 2020), with Switch software owning 15 spots out of the 20 best selling packaged games in 2021.

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Switch is a BEAST

I wish I could auto-ignore all threads with the word "sales" in the header ....
You're on a videogames forum and sales are part of that. It shouldn't be about console wars, but about videogames success. Oh, and you can ignore it.... Just don't reply.
damn! PS4 itself was a beast so to pass it is an awesome achievement. both switch and PS4 have sold over 100m units each and over 200m combined between them. how awesome is that?
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Switch crushing PS records. I think it will stop before it overtakes PS2, but who knows... ?
I think it will and really it should, the market has grown and continues to do so. The Switch selling like it is hasn’t come at the expense of the other systems on the market so that’s another positive.
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