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Hype Nintendo Pres Doug Bowser celebrates the triumphant return of Samus

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Jul 2, 2021

It's been quite possibly one of the best weeks of the year in the land of Nintendo. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai revealed Sora would be the final fighter, Rockstar announced the GTA trilogy for the platform, Nintendo launched its new 'OLED model' Switch and after an incredibly long wait, Samus has returned in the original Metroid series.

Nintendo of America's president, Doug Bowser, is known for being quite a big fan of the company's classic series and it seems with Metroid it's no different. Over on social media, he shared a picture of his brand new Nintendo Switch OLED alongside a copy of Samus' latest outing, Metroid Dread - wishing everyone a "Dread-Full" day!

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Bernd Lauert

Apr 15, 2018
For me it's that or Psychonauts 2. Very close call. It's been a good year for my personal tastes anyway.
Same. I'm around ten hours into Metroid and it's gonna be a very close GOTY fight between that and Psychonauts 2. Both are absolutely brilliant games.
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