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Business Analysis Platform Nintendo Mobile Games Reach $1 Billion in Lifetime Player Spending.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Nintendo’s mobile games have generated more than $1 billion in lifetime revenue from global player spending on the App Store and Google Play, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows. Nintendo’s mobile repertoire, which comprises six games, has also amassed a combined 452 million downloads worldwide.

The majority—$656 million, or 61 percent—of Nintendo’s mobile revenue has come from strategy RPG Fire Emblem Heroes. The next two highest-grossing Nintendo titles were Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which has accounted for 12 percent of all user spending among the company’s mobile games, followed by Dragalia Lost at 11 percent.

Those familiar with the company’s iconic, ubiquitous plumber Mario may be surprised to learn that Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run—the latter of which had a record-breaking launch day and remains Nintendo’s most-downloaded title—contributed smaller shares of overall revenue at 8 and 7 percent, respectively, with Dr. Mario World following with less than 1 percent.

Nintendo is unsurprisingly most successful in its home market of Japan, where the $581 million it’s earned totals 54 percent of its overall mobile game revenue; the U.S. has come in second with $316 million, or 29 percent. This distribution is reflected across all its mobile games with the exception of Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run, whose spending skews more towards the U.S.

The overall revenue distribution among Nintendo’s mobile games is a stark contrast to the downloads share; Super Mario Run holds the crown with 244 million downloads, or 54 percent of the publisher’s 452 million mobile game downloads, while Mario Kart Tour’s 147 million installs represented 32 percent. Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s highest-grossing title, has only accounted for 4 percent of the total.