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Nintendo is bringing the heat all year long!! - Switch 2022 Exclusives Line-Up

Looking at the OP, there's not a single one of those I'd buy when they come out.

Maybe after a few years, and used copies only, Zelda and Bayonetta.

I was more excited to discover today that I can get SNK vs Capcom card fighter on the Switch...
TBH it still feels parallel to me. Nintendo took how many years to make BOTW and it was just a bunch of copy/pasted content? I did consider that BOTW was finished far in advance for WiiU, but then they had to port it while modifying it and removing all Gamepad features, and then made the DLC. I don't think they began BOTW2 in earnest until after the DLC.

Releasing MM in one year for 1999-2000 Nintendo is like releasing a BOTW 2 with reused assets in 5 years for current Nintendo. Given their modern output, COVID, the fact that it's Zelda, etc.

I guess this is an indication that they have dropped my expectations to extremely low levels.
Hmm yeah I guess I forgot about the dlc. If indeed the whole team stays back to finish that and not just a few members.

To be fair dude it’s only natural our expectations are much lower compared to back then 😅

On some level them taking so much time for botw 2, and not really focusing on graphics makes me hope they really considered the game design far more than the first game, but time will tell. Botw has indeed given me really low expectations…
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Splatoon 3 needs to have REALY anti-cheat/anti-glitch/anti-idler protection before I give any shits about it.

2 was such a fucking mess, but had such fun gameplay, but it was ruined by the cheating and glitching, also ruined by fucktards that would just go into a game to IDLE THE ENTIRE MATCH wasting a valuable slot in a 4v4.

3 could be good, but I doubt Nintendo will do anything to help the issues of 2.
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