Nintendo in 2027: 10th generation console begin & Smartphones turn 20. Where do they go after Switch?

By 2027, Sony would have supposedly released the PlayStation 6 in 2026, Apple would be revealing its iPhone 20, and Shigeru Miyamoto would be 75 years young....

and who knows what Xbox would be from Microsoft.

But what direction do you think Nintendo would / could go in 2027?

Do they continue beyond Switch 2 / Switch Pro or take on home console once again?


home console market would be dead at that time, it will be all streaming.

Of course Nintendo will be late to the party. They will release a Switch 2 with retail games that dont do so well.
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Hopefully an iteration of the Switch that allows the same functionality of the Wii U (dual screen gaming) and the full portability of the Switch.


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Consoles will be dead after two or three generations of consoles in the future.

It will happen because it will be the final stab against piracy, plus not having to spend in retal releases and still charging 60 dolars or more (Except Xbox game pass which works in a different way), plus less power to the consumers, plus consumers will not be able to make mods.

Microsoft will be at the lead, because , even if Sony is winning in the present, microsoft with xbox game pass is
paving the way to win in a future where all will be streaming, and sony seems to not realize that...
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I think they are going to ride the Switch idea as long as they can, and they should. Probably add some hardware features where it makes sense but the same base. Every single Nintendo handheld has outsold its stationary counterpart so I don’t see them ever making a purely stationary console again.


No idea. That is just too far away and Nintendo is weird. Switch 2 being a thing makes sense but that should be coming out in like 2023 or early 2024, if we get that pro-switch this year. So 2027 will be just regular switch 2 at that time. Now what comes after that I have no idea. Since mobile technology should be a lot more powerful then and I can see Nintendo adding a new gimmick for that console. NIntendo's next console also would supposedly come out in 2030. So how powerful would a switch be in 2030 and what new tech would Nintendo stick in it. I do think that Nintendo will move into holographic vr/ar since that seems like it would fit Nintendo's toy and family play together mentality.
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They will probably release Switch 3, a more powerful Switch that will launch with Mario Kart 8 Ultimate Edition ++, Minecraft and GTA V.
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I wish Nintendo launched two versions of the switch, a portable one and a home console. The home console could even be without screen as long as it is cheaper than the portable.


I think they'll stick to the Switch idea, it's more than a safe bet for them. They had a huge hit with the wii and they tried something different with the wii U and it failed.


They'll be three years into the Switch 2 and releasing games for it. The Switch 2 will probably have some sort of crazy feature which no one will predict.


I don’t see how they can now split devs and go back to handheld/home console. It’s a lot easier to consolidate than it is to reverse. Got to be their form factor moving forward surely, it this is Nintendo so who knows.
I know this wasn't the actual OP question, but here's my prediction of the state of the industry and the 3 main companies Nintendo, Sony, and MS...

- They stay on track with their focus on unifying their output with a Switch successor in 2023-24. Backwards compatible with Switch. Mobile technology progresses at a faster rate than desktop class and it is a rather powerful unit, around PS5, maybe a little less capable... But by 2027 a revision comes out that is easily in that class of machines. Developers also have more modern tools and experience so the field becomes even closer as the tech race starts to result in that a console's power being so much... that even against the next Xbox and against the PS6, you will probably need 8K and be pixel counting to see the difference in any games across most platforms. Diminishing returns on power. They continue with fun, yet gimmicky add ons and other related products similar to Labo or MK Circuit... Focused on creativity. They could capture lightning in a bottle with one of these products or find limited success or both. Also, Nintendo's Theme Parks are a success with Universal, they finally start using their IPs in other media, and they are finally transitioning into more a a Japanese Disney type company.

- They seem the most predictable. PS6 follows the PS5 Pro after 3 years in 2027. Maybe 2028 but let's say 27 for the sake of this. Futuristic looking console, amazing tech, Sony games continue the path of high production values and cinematic experiences. I feel their market stays solid, but stagnant... They will be the only company involved with video games still using the traditional business model that has beared them success time and time again... But the road is narrowing.

- Xbox becomes a games distribution and streaming platform with dedicated high end hardware on par with Sony's offerings, yet also available via an app on most other devices that can support it. Cloud streaming. I believe we will see strong market share and the dominant player in the industry due to an incredible deal with the Netflix of gaming type service that is GamePass. 1000s of games across multiple generations available for a subscription fee. Maybe even a subsidized console (similar to smartphones) in some markets to create more adoption. Just a bigger net. Their output will be if varying quality, with more developer acquisitions to beef up GamePass, and the greater risk taking by developers through the benefit of GamePass should lead to a diverse lineup.. yet they will probably continue to not compete very well with Sony in high end cinematic single player experiences... Yet overall that ends up being a niche market anyways.

Something like that seems likely to me. I'll check back in 2027 lol.
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Nintendo has said they continue with the Switch hardware as it works best for them, they no longer need to make two systems anymore when they have one that does both. But then again things could change and they could separate themselves again and do what they did before.
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