Nintendo: 'Creatures' is hiring for work on Next-Gen hardware


Creatures recently posted a job opening on Linkedin , that includes doing R&D on next-gen hardware.

[Company name] Creatures Co., Ltd.

[Job Title] 3DCG Character Modeler

[Specific job description] At our company, which continues to create content that is the basis of "Pokemon", you will be in charge of creating game models for consumer games and smartphone applications.

[Work flow] In creating Pokémon, based on the illustrations provided by GAME FREAK, Inc., we hold detailed meetings on settings such as the color and shape of the Pokémon, and decide. on specifications such as the skeleton and shaders. The character modeler in charge creates a CG model.

[Overview of products/services in charge]
.Pokemon model / motion data production in the “Pocket Monster” series ・ Pokemon-related games such as the “Pokemon Ranger” series, “Poke Park” series, and “Detective Pikachu” ・ Smartphone app “Odoru? Pokemon Music” "aDanza" etc. ・Video production for NHK "Minna no Uta", Pokemon kids channel, etc. ・R&D for other next-generation hardware
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Speaking of next-gen Nintendo hardware, if it ends up having a BC with Switch games with improved performance (60fps of course), I'm gonna buy it, regardless of new content.

Buying Switch is kinda too late for me now, IMO, and while I appreciate development of emulators, they just aren't there yet.
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