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Nier´s case ... The virtue of ignorance (Gaming review)


Gaming journalists, influencers, reviewers, promoters and every other being that is paid to talk about video games are like... Are 99% of the time wrong and/or dishonest.

They are just...

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I don't know, I see you linked IGN's review of the original Nier and Ryan Clements seems very fair in that review... I played and beat the game back then when it came out (PS3), and played through it once, 24 hours if I recall correctly, I did like 10 of those nonsensical chores (sidequests) and at the end of the day I think it was no more than a 6.5/10 in my book. Some parts of the game were brilliant, but overall it was an inconsistent experience, a flawed game, a diamond in the very rough perhaps. By all means the IGN review was more or less on point and even gracious with the 7/10 imo.
That was my take from it. Nier might not have been the best example to make the point, because they don't shy away from saying underneath the rough there's some stuff that's really worth seeing.
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