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Next ‘Star Trek’ Film To Be Directed By ‘WandaVision’s Matt Shakman



After orchestrating the Marvel/Disney+ series WandaVision to a 23 Emmy nomination haul, Matt Shakman has made a deal to direct the next untitled Star Trek film for Paramount and Bad Robot’s JJ Abrams.

The Kelvin timeline lives? Or will this be set in the Prime timeline?

Star Trek Kirk GIF


With the JJ-era cast being a little older, perhapse they could dial down the action and have it more like the OG films.


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There’s no active prime TV series running that would make sense to make a movie out of…

but the Kelvin timeline needs to be killed.

…maybe this will be a bridge movie that somehow connects the two in a closure type of way?


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we've had the villain of the week and big names like the borg, klingons, romulans, khan and secret starfleet. it would be good if there was something original as an antagonist.

beyond had a couple of good character moments, they should go for a slower pace and build out the story. the big explosions were never the selling point of trek.


Hardy as Picard
Fassbender as Riker
Di Caprio as Wesley
Cruise as Q
Bautista as Worf
Blunt as Dr Crusher
Gadot as Troi
Gosling as Data
Elba as La Forge
Bale as a phaser
Boooo, you totally skipped over Margot Robie as Tasha Yar and Jennifer Lawrence as Ro Laren! I'll even allow a gender swapped Wesley Crusher if it's Emma Watson :p
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