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New to Souls games. What after Elden Ring?

I think Sekiro is pretty much perfect. If you like its aesthetics, its theme and have the patience to learn its combat system (which is basically a rhythm game with QTEs), then you're in for something special. I don't like its presentation and combat, so the game is a fucking piece of shit. That monkey can go burn in Hell. Despite my opinion on it, i can still appreciate what it is. A perfect game if you vibe with it.

Dark Souls: Remastered up until, and including Anor Londo (and its secret areas, like going back to the starter area, and the painting world), all in all is the greatest game ever made. It is a remarkable experience, and its quality is unlike anything you'll ever experience. After that, it falls off haaaard with a lot of bullshit.

The thing with every Souls game up until Elden Ring is that there's a lot of bullshit present that will impede enjoyment. Elden Ring streamlined the formula to be very accessible for a wider demographic, and i believe it has the least amount of bullshit because of this. Dark Souls II is basically 90% filled with it, amongst many, many technical issues and lack of polish (it had a troubled development process), so avoid that foul thing till the very last.

Dark Souls III is more of the same.. Extremely solid all around. Fantastic first experience, i think. But i wouldn't play that right after Elden Ring, since it feels like an infinitely more linear, lesser thing than Elden Ring. Not as unique as Dark Souls: Remastered, and not even close to being as good as Dark Souls: Remastered's first half.

I can't say anything about Bloodborne because it's stuck on a dead system with shitty framepacing. Release it already on PC so everyone can play it, From/Sony/Whoever can greenlight this, for God's fucking almighty sake. Heard farming for blood vials sucks ass tho, so i dunno.

Here's what i suggest. Give Sekiro your immediate attention. It's so different from the rest and so highly polished in what its doing that you will not burn out. Then play Dark Souls: Remastered. It's an essential experience, it's just so God damn good in its first half with so many memorable moments. And who knows? Maybe you won't be so pissed of in its second half, maybe you'll enjoy that as well.

After that, do whatever you want.


Surprised people are saying Bloodborne is hard, there were a few difficulty spike bosses but I had a harder time with Demon's Souls. The challenge in Demon's Souls aren't the bosses so much as the levels themselves.


Any of these, they are all fantastic: Nioh 1 & 2, Stranger of Paradise, Bloodborne, Sekiro, & Dark Souls 1. I also liked Lords of the Fallen.


If your tolerance for dated graphics and lack of QoL is high, you could go straight to DS1. But I imagine you'll have the least amount of whiplash with either Bloodborne or DeS Remake. Bloodborne is tonally very different and is just an amazing game (though to me, they all are).

Sekiro is a very different beast, despite having a lot of similarities. So if you want something more different gameplay wise, that'd be a good place to go.

As for the non-From Software games, Nioh has excellent combat, not so great level design (kind of turns into a Diablo-esque loot game on NG+, so gives you that too). I also really liked both Surge games (especially 2, which has a great parry system), but they're a lot more jank. Mortal Shell is good but much smaller in scope and more of an acquired taste.

You have a whole world of options mate, don't hold yourself back from going to the one that appeals most to you and enjoy. If you go with FromSoft, I strongly recommend going in as blind as possible - sense of discovery is what they do best.
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DeS remake, Dark Souls, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne. In that order for me. Nothing to do with quality, as they’re all equal IMO.
Yup i agree. I would do it in this order too Chozoldman Chozoldman
I think its good to play them in order so you see the evolution of FromSoft game design, what they take from the previous game, what they improve upon, etc. If you feel that you are starting to burnout just take a break and come back in a week.
I don't agree with people recommending Sekiro, game's amazing for sure but its not a Souls game through and through like your are looking for. Maybe you can use it as a break inbetween all the other Souls games if you are feeling burn out, but i doubt you will if you loved Elden Ring.
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Demon souls remake most likely is where I would start. It has been updated.

Then dark souls series.

I didn’t like blood borne so I would stay away from it.


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Nioh 2 is on ps+. It's excellent
Yes it is. Wo Long should have some surprises since it’s coming from the producers of Bloodborne and NiOh. NiOh 2 has a lot of content to it, love the colors, and improves upon the originally by a lot. The DLC is a lot of fun too. There’s some maddening bosses that become a cake walk once you exploit the equipment/boss weaknesses.

I’d say the Bloodborne/DeS:R/DaS3 route too. Dark Souls Remastered and 2 if you really enjoy the deep dive into 3. 3 almost spoils you because it had all the enhancements minus jumping from Elden Ring. I only say that cause of how off putting the whole “love-hate” relationship is for some people. 1 and 2 have many good things about them, but 3 summed up the mechanics nicely. I’d say Sekiro, which is a beast of a game. Definitely check that out.

I’d recommend Wo Long which is coming out early next month. If you’re going in, might as well play Wo Long with the rest of the community. 🤷‍♂️


DS3 is probably the closest im terms of overall feel and gameplay, but I’d say you can’t really go wrong with any one of their recent games outside of maybe Sekiro because it’s the one that differs the most.
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Surprised people are saying Bloodborne is hard, there were a few difficulty spike bosses but I had a harder time with Demon's Souls. The challenge in Demon's Souls aren't the bosses so much as the levels themselves.

I thought Demons Souls was a walk in the park compared to BB. My only time with Demons previous to the remake was only playing 1-1, 1-2 or so.


I'm currently playing Hogwarts Legacy as a break from Souls games, but I think I'm leaning towards Bloodborne for the tonal change from fantasy to more occult.

Sounds like I need to check out more of their library.

As an FYI, I basically went full on magic user in Elden Ring to compliment my cowardly playstyle. Haha. I'm no expert or Souls-genius yet. 😂


After Elden Ring you just make another character and play it again 😎
There is a crazy amount of optional content, just found and downed Mohg today for the first time after 400+ hours played, a whole labyrinth was hidden there all this time and I had no idea.
So, I always thought I hated Souls games, but then I got gud with Elden Ring. And I really, really love Elden Ring.

Now I wanted to dip my toe into their other worlds. Where should I start? Some have recommended Bloodbourne as a great next game, and as a huge Castlevania mark, I think the setting and vibe look great.

Yes of course Bloodborne is still the best for many. Its only problem being that it's the only one not playable at 60fps on PS5 (yet). So I would say play Demon's souls on PS5 first and pray for that Bluepoint Bloodborne remake.


Actually going through Sekiro for the first time at the moment and I wish I played it earlier. Beat all the other Souls games but for whatever reason I always put Sekiro on the backburner. Fantastic game especially once the combat clicks with you.


Coming from ER maybe, and because of what you said...

Bloodborne, Demon's Souls Remake, Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 1, Demon's Souls (OG if no PS5), Dark Souls 2. In that order.

Sekiro is an outstanding game, that you should check out when you feel up to it. It's just not a FULL ON Souls game like the ones above.

I personally did...

Demon's Souls Remake, ER (when it released not long after), Sekiro, Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2. Played Bloodborne after 3 for awhile, but never finished it as I was hoping for a remake or remaster. :pie_sad_relieved: I should really just finish it, it's great.


After Elden Ring you just make another character and play it again 😎
There is a crazy amount of optional content, just found and downed Mohg today for the first time after 400+ hours played, a whole labyrinth was hidden there all this time and I had no idea.
For sure. I am still finding new enemies and hidden areas after 200+ hours and about to begin NG+2.

Right now, I'm trying to level up enough to make an ultimate magic user, all sorceries and incantations! I love Elden Ring ❤


A lot of suggestion already.

I would rather go for Bloodborne or Dark Souls 1.

Dark Souls 1 is a masterpiece for me. Best game ever unmatched so far. But that might be quite a gap in gameplay coming from Elden Ring.

Bloodborne is extremely good too. Tensed combat and amazing art design. Pure FromSoft experience. If you like the gothic/lovecraftian setting go for it.

Dark Souls 3 is good and will look familiar coming for Elden Ring but I would play 1 first.

Sekiro is an outstanding action game. And I highly recommend it. But it's quite different from the Soulsborne formula that Elden Ring use so probably not what you look for now.

Demon's Souls is the root of the genre but it's quite a rigid and clunky gameplay (remake or not, gameplay is unchanged). Might be better to check if you liked others Soulsborne game. Still have a lot of charm but not my favorite.
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