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New The Witcher Game in the works

SF Kosmo

...please disperse...
Bad to middling.
Which is still a lie. 30 reviews, 29 we're good, and one was middling; a 70. That is not "bad to middling" by any sane measure. The game scored well above average. Unless you are trying to argue that anything under a 90 is "bad to middling" you are making a stupid fucking argument.

Why are you so dug in on this? Just admit you hadn't checked and you were wrong and get on with your life.


Great news for me. Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. But no pre-orders this time for you CDPR. Gonna watch how that runs 1st this time. :p


In that same thread ex-CDPR project engine programmer says how engine was rebooted everytime there was new game, and while intention was good their crunch culture made new versions ultimately unmaintainable.

Can't say for sure, but base PS4 and base Xbox One version was the main reason the Cyberpunk came in that state at launch.

They probably want to drop, but the install base of those consoles are high and yet the stupid ideia of crossgen.


I wonder if people will see that the developers are messy since ever

be like "GOTG" and or "People can learn a thing or 2 from dem" lol

My favorites are the ones where someone tells you how deeply immersive it is compared to other games and someone's fucking face is missing, your horse is in the air, can't cross a bridge and the NPCs don't even know you exist. I got the game day 1, that doesn't mean I'm going to ignore its massive flaws.

That world couldn't even be measured at average, to me by default it is below that. When you have other games generations old that don't have that issue, have smarter NPC, I just can't say that this is a template that any fucking team should follow.

We are talking about braindead NPC where you can steal from them and they just stare are you repeating the same fixed line. Wave a sword at them....they continue to repeat the same fucking line as if nothing is going on, they are basically robots saying the same thing, dumb, deaf and blind to you existing. That isn't some fucking level up to design, its literally backwards compared to other games in the genre that released generations behind it. Yet people were shocked that CP2077 had the same slow NPCs, like Cops that can't drive cars? =) CP2077 wasn't first fuck up, it was just one where many could see what issues CDPR already had for generations. If someone actually made a big deal about those issues with Witcher 3 instead of trying to ignore it to suck off the publisher, maybe they would have learned that lesson in 2015. W3 basically gave them a free pass to just put any shit out that was broken expecting many awards.

Fake Fake " base PS4 and base Xbox One version was the main reason the Cyberpunk came in that state at launch." nah. I thought that at first too though. Simply put, why did so many open world games come out last generation that clearly all didn't have those issues?

Watchdogs Legions literally came out around the same time, yet functional and many features and concepts CDPR literally didn't do in CP2077. Can we really say its a last gen issue, if a last gen game is clearly doing what CP2077 wasn't doing?

I maintain....CP2077's biggest issue, was CDPR themselves. Hand that fucking game over to Rockstar, Ubisoft, Sony, that game was coming out working, functional and with features that those studios have already fucking did BEFORE during that gen. They were literally struggling with 2000's PS2 mechanics.
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