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New Super Mario Game Potentially Leaked by Nintendo Insider


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The leak comes the way of well-known Nintendo leaker, Nate the Hate, a source that like every "industry insider" has gotten things wrong in the past, like the Nintendo Switch Pro, but has also relayed information that went to be proved accurate. During a recent episode of their YouTube podcast, they relayed word that there is "interest" in a Super Mario Musou game. The catch is Nate the Hate doesn't know if the game is in development at Koei Tecmo. All they've heard is that there's interest in making such a game.


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New Super Mario Game

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I loved Hyrule Warriors and consider it the best experience I had on the WiiU. I'll certainly play a Mario version, but I demand it get more than the 10FPS Musou: Age of Calamity gets on the Switch.
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It's not a leak if it's just something he heard someone wanted to do.comicbook.com always writes these terrible, clickbait articles.


Wow, what a total surprise! I never would have guessed that Nintendo was going to publish another Mario game! He must be a super insider.

Now seriously, I know Nintendo has a gazillion of Mario series and spinoffs, and that they put Mario universe everywhere and that Koei Tecmo make a gazillion Musou games of everything using many IPs, but I don't see a Mario Musou.
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Honestly I’m down for this if they have Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Peach, Daisy, Rosaline and Toad as playable characters.
In first place

Why a Mario Musou?
Yeah, seriously, how the heck are you going to mix platforming gameplay with Musou? I can't recall any prior musou where I actually enjoyed jumping for any reason other than for dodging enemy attacks or a specific attack combo. A Mario game with bad jumping and bad platforming? Naaah.

Pokemon Musou would make way more sense as a logical followup to Pokemon Conquest.


Usually I would say no, fuck no, stop fucking destroying yourself Nintendo and make a goddamn Odyssey 2.

But if it's anything like Bowser's Fury Island? If both Nintendo and Tecmo are on it and it's a Mario platformer with a Musou twist?

Holly shit.


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A couple days ago I had my every-four-years “let’s see if I enjoy musou games” moment so I downloaded the Hyrule Warriors demo….

Shit put me to sleep in 5 minutes. Good lord these games are fucking boring and terrible. It’s like if you took an ARPG, then made the combat as bland and easy as possible, then removed everything that was even remotely interesting about character growth.

It’s like the Monopoly of video games. Nobody likes playing it, they just get tricked into buying it because they like the IP they slapped on top of it.
I’d like to see where they go after Odyssey. Personally I liked 3D World and Bowsers Fury better. I’d like to see them expand on that idea. I really liked the cat theme and the open world. Bowser as an ever present element on the map made exploring really fun.
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