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New single player Aliens game announced, will use Unreal Engine 5


Lots of UE5 games in the Pipeline, we will go from people saying that they are taking to long to people complaining about to many UE5 games in a very short period of time.

I think it'll just get back to "Made with Unreal Engine...", not trying to pretend to be bleeding edge because it's using #5 version number.

BTW, this Aliens game being a VR game project (amongst other platforms,) it's funny that UE5 is the headline here since VR currently cannot use some of the major features of UE5. Neither Nanite nor Lumen are natively supported; Nanite for VR is on the roadmap but as of UE5.1 is still not built out, and then Lumen for VR is unsupported and actively discouraged in the UE5 tech docs, "While VR can be supported, the high frame rates and resolutions required by VR make dynamic global illumination a poor fit."

I know some of the PSVR2 games are planning on UE5 (they never said what engine Horizon VR Call of the Mountain is being made on, correct?) and Epic listed PSVR2 as an official development partner in a recent event, so maybe Epic & Friends have been working out some of the VR challenges behind the scenes? Still, a UE5 project without Lumen and maybe without Nanite, there's not a lot of reasons left to promote your game as "created using Unreal Engine 5" when those two technologies are what fans are salivating most to see in UE5 games.
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ah yes. That mysterious battle hardened veteran who somehow came across the xenomorph, when only Weyland-Yutani knew about it (kept it secret internally), and even THEY (specifically their colonists on the planet) did not encounter it until just a few weeks before the events of Aliens.

Fucking retards over at Disney allowing this basic lore-breaking bullshit to occur.

I guess they have to appeal to a younger generation raised on Marvel movies.
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