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New Japanese-developed Silent Hill game leaked through a handful of images from a 2020 build (Sony said to be involved)

Lol, we’ll see. :messenger_tongue:
Yes see this


March 2022.
this explains the bad graphics. It will be vr game


Konami and Bloober have a strategic partnership, so sadly, Bloober may be involved in some way. Also, these images definitely don't scream Kojima/Yoji Shinkawa (hope I'm wrong). Could be a joint project with Bloober and an unknown team. The confusing part is that Sony is involved, yet most of the team involved with Silent Hill 1 and Siren left Sony after Japan Studio became Asobi. Keiichiro Toyama formed Bokeh Studio and they are working on some horror game called Slitterhead, so they are likely not involved:

Either way, Dusk Golem needs to stop drip feeding leaks and just tell us what he knows.


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Unpopular opinion coming: The Medium was fine and probably on my top 10 from last year for the mood and music.

Airbus Jr

Litigate my emotions, daddy!
That close-up shot of the face is a dead giveaway that this isn't a Kojima game. Compare it to Death Stranding and tell me they're the same level of fidelity.

Could be Bloober and that's making me nervous.
Tbh too soon for that statement

Could be an early model


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Would love for the SH rumors to be true, and since those photos were taken die , it might very well be true now.

He's 50/50. He had some duds and some genuine news over the years. His Capcom leaks are more accurate as far as I know but he isn't immune from going wrong either.
Wasn’t he ripped apart here(and Reeeeee)for saying there was issues with RE village production or something akin to that.


Might be real, might be shots from an old concept that never went anywhere. Might not even be Silent Hill related. It's just 4 screenshots of something, the Konami/SH link to these hasn't been established.
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Wasn’t he ripped apart here(and Reeeeee)for saying there was issues with RE village production or something akin to that.
He did and for the right reasons. Basically RE8 reveal got released on a Playstation event. It was fine but the performance leaves a lot to be desired which was attributed to being still at the stage where a game gets optimized. Fast forward a month and Halo Infinite reveal got mocked with craig and all. Lots of negative stuff thrown at Xbox. Then came DG with some news that apparently PS5 has problems running RE8 while XSX was doing pretty good.

So far so good and looking at the reveal trailer, it could be true. The problem was it was later clarified that he basically told that to even the playing field with all the negative Xbox stuff. Game gets shown a lot later and even a demo with little to no problems and even PS5 performing better than Xbox version so either he only saw an unoptimized version and compared it to the Xbox version which is further along or he lied through his teeth. Most would rather believe the latter especially due to his reasoning in leaking it in the first place.


Might be real, might be shots from an old concept that never went anywhere. Might not even be Silent Hill related. It's just 4 screenshots of something, the Konami/SH link to these hasn't been established.
The photos got DMCA'd by Konami. It's definitely connected to them. Whether that's SH is up in the air but it's the most likely one especially if it's horror.
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Just pointing out: You could DMCA yourself on twitter to make it look legit.

Anyway, this looks legit to me, some points from another thread

Altought this looks legit, i would wait for the official announcement. Some stuff pointed out in another thread:
  • this is a « joint production » that seems to involve several studios
  • Sony is reportedly involved, but from Dusk's past tweets it may only be marketing rights
  • screenshots are from a 2020 build
  • supposedly Masahiro Ito is attached to the project
  • Ito confirmed on Twitter back in Jan 2020 that he's working on a project that he hopes « won't get canceled this time »
  • in 2021 Ito confirmed that project was still in development
  • Dusk seemed to imply that it's a possibility that this game has already been canned/or will be and is not sure (red flag)
  • Dusk supposedly has thirty screenshots and some artwork from Ito
  • the hallway screenshot apparently heavily suggests a certain game mechanic that Dusk thinks is spoilery
  • the player being sent SMS messages was originally a planned feature in Silent Hills per Alanah Pearce, and Dusk seems to reference it
  • the Japanese text in the last screenshot was translated by various Twitter users, and it apparently has to do with a mother neglecting her children
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100% Bloober vibes from these screenshots

Camera work, environment + character model, nothing at the level of Kojima's past works

"Could be misdirection", don't think so.

With PT, character model and environment was top notch. Kojima only downgraded resolution + framerate to make it look like something of a lower budget, but asset quality was awesome.


This is the Bloober game for sure. Konami made the claim against the images, they are publishing that game.

"An unnamed 3rd party thats not Konami" asked that YTer to take down the interview with the composer. That was the Sony game.


Bloober is involved? Damn, a new Silent Hill has been my most anticipated game for a while now... but not like this.

John Wick

I don't know what to believe........
Without smoke there isn't a fire?
Hate leaks like this. Just wait till officially announced.
Im just saying that there is nothing there making the franchise a series to guarantee wanting more of it just because, there are not threads or a story developed over time or anything like that despite them managing to keep some loose ties between the games lore wise.
I mean, what would make you think that a new Silent Hill would be a good game compared to any other horror game out there without the name attached to it? every game departed enough from the previous one to the point that we have no protagonist or characters attached to it nor some game mechanics, a new Silent Hill game would be just a random horror game with the name stamped on it and some callbacks thrown in there for good measure.

Even Kojima's PT had not much "Silent HIll" on it, the franchise part of it had nothing to do with what made it interesting, Kojipro could be developing a horror game without the Konami franchise and it would be just as interesting.

You got a looping hallway with PT. People need to stop glorifying this demo. You cant build a full game on that alone. Going over and over and over the same area until something clicks. It was a tiny project, people just read KOJIMA and went ape shit for....a looping halway demo. Nobody would pay $70 for that.


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He does have his sources, but he took egg on his face when he admitted that he made up the story about RE8 struggling to reach a stable 30fps on the PS5, let alone 60, because Sony was getting "so much praise at the time," that he wanted to "level the playing field" by spreading FUD.

He admitted it, the game came out and performed very well on both machines, RT to boot, and we all moved on.
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KONAMI, one of the world’s largest game publisher, and Bloober Team, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It will include jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how.

– It is a historic day for me and the culmination of several years of our work. The fact that such a renowned company as KONAMI has decided to strategically cooperate with the Bloober Team means that we also joined the world leaders in gaming and became an equal partner for the leading players in this market. – comments Piotr Babieno, president of the Bloober Team.

As part of the agreement, the partners declared cooperation in the development of contents and the exchange of know-how.

– We have been providing unique entertainment content and ways to enjoy it through the use of information technology. In the digital entertainment industry, significant changes in the business environment are expected in the future. We look forward to combining Bloober Team’s and our respective characteristics and strengths to create high-quality contents. KONAMI – comments Hideki Hayakawa Representative Director, President Konami Digital Entertainment

Konami Digital Entertainment, which is the core company of Konami Group, develops entertaining content for mobile, console and card games. The company is known for global franchises such as eFootball PES, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game series.
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What if this leak and the DMCA copyright strike from Konami is part of their marketing plan? What if this is another one of Hasan's way of teasing us? Did anyone ever think of that huh?


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Wonder how's that Hasans "playable teaser" going. For sure it has to be any day now, right?
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