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New investment in South Park will see creation of a new 3D video game (studio unknown)


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Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/arti...ign-900-million-deal-for-more-episodes-movies

Earlier this year, Stone and Parker established a $600 million credit facility with HPS Investment Partners LLC that appraised their library at close to $1 billion, according to people familiar with the terms of the deal. In addition to the movies for Paramount+, Parker and Stone are going to use that money to invest in a wide range of creative endeavors, including a documentary series, a weed company and a 3D video game that is set in the world of “South Park.”



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Holy shit, this reminds me how much I enjoyed that Acclaim 3D FPS back in the day, fond memories of throwing (piss covered?) snowballs at turkeys!

Give me more of that stupid fun shit, you know. Don't make it have a story with cutscenes and try and ape modern fpses, just make it arcadey and level based and have the dialogue and story be delivered in game while you play, like Half-Life.

Also, I want it to have cheats so you can go back and play the levels again with being stupidly OP, or even with handicaps if you like that sort of thing.



Stick of Truth was perfect, though I’m yet to play the sequel. Anyway, looking forward to it, though I’m afraid it won’t be as enjoyable as we are already living in a more clown world than South Park.


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Only played stick of truth, but it was my game of the year the year it released. Never played the sequel, but I heard it wasn't as good?
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