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Community Retro New Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Speedrunning Trick Shaves Three Hours Off Previous Record.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

A complicated new trick discovered for San Andreas has shortened a run that normally took almost four hours to under 30 minutes.

The new trick—whose name, “Arbitrary Jump In Skip,” could honestly use some work—is only doable on the Windows Store version of the game. It’s similar to a technique used by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City speedrunners, and it allows players to skip straight to San Andreas’ climax via several intricate steps. According to details shared by current world record holder Powdinet over on Reddit, starting a vigilante side mission at a certain point during the early “Ryder” story mission makes San Andreas jump to a random line of script code that’s determined by how much time has elapsed since the game started.

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Aug 7, 2019
So you're saying Microsoft put it in the MS store version to get more people to use their store instead of Steam?:messenger_smirking:

Seriously though, i'm fascinated by speed runners. The amount of dedication is pretty crazy. I love reading about gaming records, both score and speed runs. In light of all the shit going down with Todd Rodgers and Billy Mitchel, how good is the verification within the speed running community? It seems to me it'd be possible to use a combination of TAS and splicing to fake record runs but maybe i just don't understand the genre well enough
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