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New Feature - Easily Add NeoGAF to your Home Screen


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Today we've released a small update that will let you add NeoGAF to your Home Screen in most modern browsers. Adding NeoGAF to your home screen is easy and makes browsing GAF a snap.

When browsing GAF on mobile (Android), you may be presented with this:

You can tap this box and follow the prompts which will add NeoGAF to your device's home screen. If you click the "X", you won't be prompted for this again in the future.

In some browsers, such as Firefox, you'll see this icon in the upper right while browsing NeoGAF:

I can already hear you asking: Why should mobile users have all the fun though? Well, you can do this in most modern browsers now on your desktop or laptop as well. For example, in Chrome-based browsers, you should see a "plus sign" icon on the right of the address bar. Clicking it will give you a prompt to install NeoGAF as an app:

By default, this will put a shortcut on your desktop as well as launch NeoGAF in it's own browser.

You can also use your preferred browser's built-in functionality for adding NeoGAF to your home screen - for users of Safari on iOS or non-Chromium based browsers. This update includes higher resolution logos and default app color styles that will make this process much smoother than it was in the past.

Let us know what you think!


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I just added it to my home screen and browsing GAF on Android through that little app wrapper (Brave browser) is so much faster now than any standard browser I tried.

I went through 4 different browsers and GAF would lag and chug so hard on my Android phone, so I barely used it to browse and mainly used my iPhone since there was no issues there.

It’s much improved and snappier with it. Thank you, staff!
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Make this possible on iOS papa Palliasso :( We can add a home icon from literally anything but I’ve tried this on laptop Brave browser and it was so smooth and fast


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I just did it though Chrome. Took 2 seconds and it's set up.

I think I'll use this on my desktop. I like the GAF icon at the bottom instead of it getting mixed in with all my Chrome tabs.
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The site still get some problem with 720p mobile screens. You guys should change the button you need to press for open the login window. Or at least put separede from the 'politics' button.
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