New DualSense colors revealed; Cosmic Red and Midnight Black


That red one looks delicious. Starting to wish I'd waited on getting the Series X controller for my PC, but it was £40 on sale.


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Would personally love the grey, like the special 20 years of playstation PS4 console.


Really like the all black one, this should have been offered last yr when ps5 released , ive already got two perfectly working controllers so cant justify buying another till one of them breaks


Pre-ordered one of each. Red will most likely become my main and the black a backup for future usage.
No colored face buttons are a bit of a let down though, especially for the black one.

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Nothing extraordinary here

Il wait for a special game edition ps5 controller

Maybe they will make one for horizon forbiden west or god of war
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That red color :messenger_fire: just put in my preorder... like a fool LOL

IDK if it's a pride thing, but Playstation should look at the color combo that Xbox has put out over the years. Xbox has done an amazing job with their controller colors. I didn't even have an Xbox One, but when they released the Military Green/Orange combo :messenger_open_mouth: I nearly picked one up just to have it... it looks that good.


Oh yeah take my money. I needed another controller to play with a friend online on a console I can't buy


Sony-branded side panels incoming?
I thought Sony did say last yr when asked about the panels that there would be custom ones or custom ps5 released to go with certain games, be nice if tomoro they announce black or red side panels to match the controllers


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I recently bought a coloured DS4. Normal price, I was lucky. I mostly prefer all black though so it's very nice seeing this (black) DualSense. Hope the recently mentioned PS5's revision comes in all black. And in a different design altogether I might say.

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Are the controllers only available from PS Direct?

I'm all in for the Solid Black one. I can then trade in the two white ones that I have which will even out the cost.


I don't know, I thought all black controller would look better than the white one. But I feel the shade is still off. Even the combination between red and black doesn't look great.

Still an ugly controller in my opinion, but not it's functionality of course.


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I still think 2 colours look better than just 1 (no matter the colour). Hoping for a nice dark Purple (or Blue at a push) version sooner rather than later.


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Nice, I plan to grab a black one when they release.
I'd feel weird for preordering a controller but I'll just pick one up whenever I see it in stores
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