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New Cyberpunk 2077 Modding tools announced


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Mod users

  • Added support for the new mods folder. New, REDmod compatible mods should be placed in the \Cyberpunk 2077\mods folder. The game still supports loading old mods from the archive folder, but please keep in mind that they will not appear in the REDmod menu. New, REDmod compatible mods should be added using the new mods folder for the best experience.
  • Added -modded command line parameter to run the game with mods. This parameter also allows you to enable and disable mods using REDlauncher and GOG Galaxy.
  • Expanded the telemetry functionality to cover mods-related data.

Mod creators

  • Added the ability to load modified tweakdb.bin and .redscripts files.
  • Added the ability to load mods.json descriptor for user's installed mods.
  • Added a separate audiothread for audio modding.
  • Fixed some issues with TweakDB memory allocations.

Hey chooms, remember that these are just the highlights. There's a lot more improvements and fixes in this patch, so go and check them out in the game!


And this is why you as a consumer should have devs and studios on a tight leash. Cyberpunk bombed and now they are putting some effort. The Witcher 3 was a massive success from the get go so we never got official modding tools.


This is kinda huge. Mods already exist but making it easier to create them and use them could really boost that scene.
I read the patch notes and you can tweak the appearance of your character mid-game at a ripper doc now, very convenient. Still disappointed that they aren’t improving the character creator and making it less limited when it comes to the body.


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i was hoping they’d do this! makes sense since Cyberpunk will be the last game on the Red engine so why not let modders go crazy with it?

cant wait to see what we get :) im expecting a proper 3rd person mode, flying vehicles, working metro, reworked RPG systems, car garages and mods! so many possibilities.
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Thats not what I understand by tools. Skyrim has tools like nifskope, creation kit, tessedit, bodyslide, hkxposer, dyndynolod, script plus, teslodgen, nifmerge, etc, etc.
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