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New Ace Combat game in development with ILCA

A new Ace Combat game is in joint production between Bandai Namco and ILCA, the companies announced during the Ace Combat 25th anniversary retrospective program.

ILCA is the developer behind the upcoming The Idolmaster: Starlit Season, as well as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. It also had a hand in a number of other titles including cinematics and environment production for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, graphics co-development for Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, and more.

“We’ve started work on a new project in the Ace Combat series,” Ace Combat series producer Kazutoki Kono said. “Project Aces staff will of course continue to be involved in the development of this new project, but as we celebrate 25 years and three million copies sold, we’ve come to understand we have many fans of all tastes. Our small team can’t handle it all alone, so we’re looking to expand the Ace Combat team in a big way.”

Kono continued, “That’s why we want to form a business alliance with ILCA, who will become more deeply involved in the Ace Combat series than ever before, and create a new Ace Combat. We hope this opportunity will allow us to add even more staff to the Project Aces team.”

In his closing statement, Kono added, “More than anything, I hope fans are happy to know that the next game is underway. With this new staff, we’re creating a new Ace Combat—a new era. I don’t know where we’ll be in the next 25 years, but the Ace Combat series will continue, and to everyone who supports us and creates with me—I will continue to give it my all.”

Further details were not announced.

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Full VR but also not boring missions or missions where you have to score x points but is too hard because of nonsense design choices.
There would be a lot of improvement in both gameplay (training for manouver) and storytelling.

a macross game? Or at least a crossover
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Skies Unknown was great, and I think it sold well. It was a true JP Ace Combat experience, like the PS2 games. The game was also fairly difficult and the menus were classic AC, it was really a PS2 game released in 2019. I hope the next one picks up on that and what about a Zero remastered as a bonus?
I was reading up on China's 4.5 generation fighter and it comes equipped with missiles that have a 200 mile range.

Probably best that Ace Combat never bothered with pesky realism.

Naked Lunch

Good news.
It wasnt too long ago the Ace Combat series was thought dead after the shitshow that was Assault Horizon.

I want to see the ace squadron boss battle template of Ace Combat Zero make its return.


I'm up for a new Ace Combat game but I expect PC VR support (even though I might not have a headset by then).

If you like Ace Combat give Project Wingman a try. It's an indie game that captures everything that is cool about Ace Combat and supports VR on PC. I enjoyed it a lot. It ticks all the marks except maybe the cinematics between missions.


I'm already feeling the need....

the need for something a little more akin to DCS than to Macross
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Yes! Looks like it's still far though. I'm happy that AC7 is a success. It sold 3 million copies and also now promoted quite a lot by Bamco. AC7 appeared in new Bamco research studio's opening ceremony.

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Ace Combat 7 was probably my second favorite game of 2019. I still replay it from time to time when I want to zone out and forget about work stress and deadlines.


I think the ace combat series could implement some procedurally generated levels with randomized enemies and quantities, make it more replayable, I love the series but when the Champaign is over game is over too


I think the ace combat series could implement some procedurally generated levels with randomized enemies and quantities, make it more replayable, I love the series but when the Champaign is over game is over too\
Ace Combat 5 had arcade mode. They can implement the random element in arcade mode


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Shimomoto says that the project has only just started, with them still in discussions, and that they hope to able to recruit both veterans to lead the next generation, and young talent who will form that next generation. While fans will have to wait a bit more, he hopes they will look forward to what is coming.
Will probably arrive in 2024
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