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News Business Game Dev NetEase Games establishes Shibuya-based Ouka Studio to develop next-generation console games


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

NetEase Games has announced the establishment of Ouka Studio, its first development studio focused on the development of console games. Founded to develop titles for next-generation consoles, it is led by a studio director experienced in console games development.

Until now, NetEase Games has primarily focused on the development and operation of PC client and mobile games in markets such as China, Japan, and America.

Based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Ouka Studio “will develop high-quality games alongside game lovers of Japan and create a new future for games.” The studio is currently recruiting core staff, including directors, game designers, engineers, graphic engineers, artists, and lead artists. You can apply here.
May 8, 2020
People want to shit on China etc due to politics but Sony, MS and Nintendo have been trying for ages to get into the Chinesse market with consoles. If NetEase and Tencent start making inroads into consoles, and become established stakeholders you may very well see these companies lobby for the Chinese government to open up. The Chinese obviously don't want Japanese or American companies dominating that market. But if local players start having a big stake then the whole calculus of thing changes. Obviously a long shot theory but I trust greed will do its work.

In that sense, this is good.
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Jun 6, 2004
Vancouver, BC
In terms of politics, the Chinese are doing what they can to try to balance soft power and influence by enticing foreign companies with market access under their conditions. It is a complicated process because we are all used to the rhetoric of the Western system and the American narrative of history, so it is easy to trigger a resistance due to the perception of incongruence. In my opinion they should do less stuff like Wolf Warrior 2 that is a copy of the American savior myth but with a Chinese dude against the ‘evil White dudes’, and create entertainment products that are more balanced and less directly political, like what the Japanese had done.