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NeoGAF 'Game of the Decade' vote (closes 22nd April)


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Putting objectivity to one side, my subjective favourites over that period at the point I filled in the survey were:

1. Destiny 2. By a distance.
2. Dark Souls 3.
3. Mario Kart 8
4. Demon's Souls
5. Dark Souls 2

Outside of #1 this list could change on any given day to include Ori, Arkham Asylum, Mass Effect, Horizon Zero Dawn, Splatoon 2, and probably a few more. So many good games.
tough picks. in the end I went with the following

1. Monster Hunter World
2. Shadow Of The Colossus
3. Journey
4. It Takes Two
5. Dead Space 2

there are a lot of different games that could be place on there, but I feel I want to cast my votes with a mix of what I had played and what I feel really innovates. MHW and DS2 really don't need any explanations. SOTC, Journey and ITT are all very innovative in their own ways and invokes a deep emotional response in me. I feel these 3 are the games that really pushes the industry as a whole forward and also shows that games can be an art form.


1) Red Dead Redemption 2
2) The Last of Us Pt1
3) Spider-Man
4) Grand Theft Auto V
5) The Last of Us Pt2 (not because of the story, mainly because it‘s in insane production quality not matched by any other game yet)


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Red dead 2 and Witcher 3. Honorable mention to Skyrim and zelda botw. Honestly though the most fun I had probably came from prey, and especially Iimmortals Phoenix rising and it takes two. Those last two were a pure joy to play.


1 - Grand Theft Auto 5
2 - God of War
3 - Bloodborne

4 - Persona 5 Royal
5 - South Park: The Stick of Truth


1. Bloodborne
2. Sekiro
3. Nier: Automata
4. God of War

Too many good games to cram into 5. Picked the obvious contenders that I loved, without wasting votes for the ones that don't stand a chance.


Such a hard choice, but okay:

1- Dark Souls
2- Persona 5
3- The Witcher 3
5- God of War

It's so hard to chose that I just had to give on lot of mentions: Skyrim, RDR 1 and 2, TLOU, Arkham City, AC Black Flag, FF7 Remake, RE7....


1. Nier: Automata
2. Resident Evil 2
3. Returnal

Portal 2
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
God of War (2018)
Xenoblade 2
Demons Souls
The Last of Us 1 & 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
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always chasing the next thrill
1 last of us part II
2 half life alyx
3 borderlands 2
4 dead space 2
5 animal crossing new horizons

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I think it's somewhat ridiculous that Battlefield 4 multiplayer and Forza Horizon 3 are not on the list. They are both widely considered the best of each series and by far are 2 of the best games released in this time frame. Anyway, it's really tough to pick only 3 to 5 games from so many great titles.

Assassin's Creed Origins
Far Cry 4
Forza Horizon 5

Honorable mention:

Ghost of Tshushima
Halo Infinite
Jedi Fallen Order
Dying Light
Death Stranding
Red Dead 2
Witcher 3
Mass Effect Legendary
Horizon Zero Dawn
God of War
Immortals Fenix Rising
Fallout 4
Spiderman & Miles Morales
Darksiders 2
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Infamous Second Son
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If I had to decide, my list would probably look like this, but if I were asked tomorrow, the list or the order might be different:

Fallout 4
Infamous Second Son & First Light

Battlefield 4
Planetside 2

These are other games that I found beyond amazing and might have made the top 5 on other days:

Uncharted 4
Killzone Shadowfall (Multiplayer)
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Mad Max
Wipeout 2048
Just Cause 3
The Walking Dead (Telltale)
Star Wars Battlefront
Tomb Raider: Definitve Edition
The Crew
Goat Simulator

And as many as I can't think of right now^^


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Divinity: Original Sin II
The Witcher 2
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
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The choice wasn't so tough. I've consider very few games to be of Jaw-dropping Quality.
  1. Hollow Knight
  2. Bloodborne
  3. God of War
  4. Nier: Automata
  5. Dragon's Dogma (PS4 & PC edition)

Honorable Mentions:
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  • River City Girls.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut)
  • Red Dead Redemption II
  • Death Stranding
  • Hades
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Monster Hunter World
  • A Hat in time
Do MMO's Count?
  • Guild Wars 2
Now to justify my choices to whoever is going to read the rest of the post.

My top 5 are mostly obvious. They are very complete games, with the exemption of Dragon's Dogma that was clearly incomplete, but the mechanics it offered where an RPGer's wet dream, so it goes there for it's unlimited potential.

On the honorable mentions are put games that surprised me with their quality and enjoyment. They are almost perfect, save for a few minor flaws that stop them just shy of reaching my top 5. Deus Ex was what Ciberpunk should had been, minus the balls CDPR has for showing a proper mature future, and the stuff from the FMV trailer not being in the game.

Guild Wars 2 is just the only MMO a working adult can play...

Missing in action: (Promissing that I haven't played them... yet)
  • Nintendo games (don't buy nintendo consoles)
  • Disco Elysium (yet...)
  • Witcher 3 (lost my witcher 1 save and haven't advanced to 2 or 3)
  • The last of Us part 2 (the irst one was very depressing)
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 (I've got the 1rst on PS4 and it sucked on consoles)
  • Sekiro (still no price drop)
Dishonoroable mentions: (Games that angered/disapointed me!)
  • Street Fighter 5 (A freemium model on a paid game. Also censored. I hate everything it represents)
  • Resident Evil 3. (to much missing content)
  • Final Fantasy 13 (plays it self)
  • Final Fantasy 14 (I was between jumping into this, Terra or GW2. Glad I jumped into GW2...)
  • Final Fantasy 15 (clearly incomplete, hacked into pieces and sold into seperate mediums)
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1. The last of us pt.2
2. The last of us pt.1
3. The witcher 3
4. Red dead redemption 2
5. God of war 2018


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me when reading the title: Oooh this is gonna be fun
me after going through the list: Holy sh*t that was torture

1. Skyrim
2. Bloodborne
3. Witcher 3
5. Sekiro


Not sharing my votes but im willing to make a prediction.
I predict the top 5 will be: Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Red Dead Redemption 2, Breath of the Wild.
The fifth place will be a tough fight between: The Last of Us, Persona and Dark Souls.

Remember this post


1. The witcher 3: Wild Hunt
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
3. The last of Us part 1
4. Battlefield 1
5. Dark Souls 3
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Poll options are pretty wack so I went with the American tradition of not putting in much thought or even actually bothering to vote. But:

1. Rocket League
3. Rainbow 6: Siege
4. Kerbal Space Program
5. Titanfall


1 - Ghost of Tsushima
2 - Uncharted 4
3 - Bloodborne

4 to 10:
- The Last of Us
- God of War
- Persona 5 Royal
- Nier: Automata
- Yakuza 0
- BioShock Infinite
- Driveclub

HM to Destiny, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Titanfall 2, Far Cry 3


1. God of War
2. The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt
3. Read Dead Redemption 2
4. Grand Theft Auto V
5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Batman Arkham City
Dragon Quest XI
Ghost of Tsushima
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I wish I was voting for one of the XCOM games but as wonderful as they are they were both flawed in their own ways. I came in thinking I would vote for Spec Ops: The Line, but then I scrolled through the list and said "Fuck it, it's DOOM." and voted for that. DOOM it is.

2. Spec Ops: The Line
3. XCOM 2
4. Pillars of Eternity
5. Titanfall 2

Also, whever picked the nominees seems to be leaning very heavily towards certain genres. There are games that I feel should be on this list for certain. Legend of Grimrock singlehandedly revived the grid based dungeon crawler genre, for example, but absent. The whole simulation genre aside from some driving games - no show. Strategy games list is very lacklustre, my pick for fifth would definitely have gone to Dawn of War II: Retribution but it's not on the list. Neither are Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, Company of Heroes 2, Europa Universalis IV, Frostpunk, etc.. And then I look at some of the very questionable games on the list and I scratch my head. I ended up picking Titanfall 2 for my fifth spot but I feel like it would not have even made the top 10. Not a good poll IMO.
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Pedro Motta

1 - Bloodborne
2 - God of War
3 - The Last of Us Pt2
4 - Legend of Zelda: BOTW
5 - Death Stranding

EDIT: It was haaard, and feels bad man, leaving out Sekiro, Demon Souls, The Witcher 3, RDR2, Nier Automata, The Last of Us Pt1 and so many other that could be here.
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1. The Legend of Zelde: Breath of the Wild
2. Persona 4: The Golden
3. God of War 2018
4. Super Mario Odyssey
5. Bloodborne
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1 - Dark Souls
2 - The Last of Us
3 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Honorable mentions (could've easily made it depending on the criteria I used):
- God of War
- Bloodborne
- FFVII Remake
- Uncharted 4
-The Last of Us Part 2
- Persona 4: Golden
- Persona 5
- Dark Souls 3
- Death Stranding.

What I think set these first 3 apart beyond them being great games is how important/influential I think they were.
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Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker
Death Stranding
Nier Automata

and... the GOAT ...
Super Mario Brothers 3


These remain in my heart of the ones I played:

The Last of Us Part II
God of War
The Last of Us Part I
Breath of the Wild

Honorable mentions:

Arkham Knight, Marvel's Spider-man, Uncharted 4, Red Dead 2
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1. God of War
2. Demons Souls
3. Nier: Automata
4. Dark Souls III
5. Legend of Zelda: BotW
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1. Bloodborne

Everything else was just how I was feeling in the day, I'm sure I'll feel differently another day.
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