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NeoGAF: Did you enjoy the Sega Dreamcast or the Nintendo Gamecube more?

Sega Dreamcast or Nintendo Gamecube?

  • Sega Dreamcast

    Votes: 72 56.7%
  • Nintendo Gamecube

    Votes: 55 43.3%

  • Total voters


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Comparing DC to GC is little different to comparing it to any other of that generation, maybe GC didn't sell the best but it stuck around the whole gen unlike the Dreamcast that was abandoned before GC even came along so their underdog status is nowhere near each other.

GC sold considerably closer to the Xbox worldwide, on par really, than the DC which shifted less than half the units. How's this comparable underdog threshold somehow enough to fit the GC but not the Xbox over just a few million units more?

Just because Xbox was technically second to the PS2? It left everything so far in the dust it couldn't see them any more so in that the three are all underdogs and much closer to each other than any of them is to the PS2.

So, this makes no sense as anything more than revisionist history trying to make the Xbox appear on par with the PS2 or something else equally weird, I have no idea what even.


The Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube were the underdogs of their generation, both consoles failed to really cement their spot in the marketplace despite trying damn ass hard as they possibly could with some of the best games not only of that generation, but some of the best games ever in gaming period. Each had Nintendo and Sega look back at their past mistakes and attempt to not only remedy those mistakes but to brute force a metric ton of some of the best gaming software ever produced on consoles.

Sure, the Xbox and the PS2 would prevail in the mainstream, but the underdogs continue to have the biggest and most loyal fanbase of the 4 systems that were present that generation. The Dreamcast and Gamecube are commonly cited as the best game systems of all time, and often cited as the best game consoles produced from either manufacturer. There must be something to it since the massive praise both consoles receive continues even now.


Worldwide sales
PS2 - 155 million units sold
Xbox - 24 million units sold
GCN - 22 million units sold
DC - 9.13 million

One of these is not like the others. Are we sure this isn't another shit on Nintendo thread disguised as a "Which was your favorite?"


No contest for me, GameCube. Sorry Sega. Also your controller hurt my hands if memory serves.

Metroid Prime, Gladius, Zelda TWW ..., I don't have time to make up a huge list but the list is there


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Mine as well but I didn't see that as a option :unsure:



Dreamcast was so quirky and had so many interesting things about it, so I have to say that. Gamecube was just designed the way it was to hopefully stop piracy (it didn't work). Then again, the Dreamcast helped seal Sega's fate, and Nintendo made it past Gamecube, so who's to say.

Old Retro

The Dreamcast gave me a thousand hours of fun Capcom vs SNK and Marvel fighting games. PS2 ruled my world back then for any other genre. I was so put off by the N64's shitty library, the Gamecube was not on my radar. I caught up on any great titles I missed when I got the Wii.
Dreamcast is second to none.

Perfect storm of a gaming system.

Last truly great, soul-ridden console.

It represents what videogames should have had become, in my opinion.

If it failed commercially (relatively speaking) was because, first and foremost, gaming wanted to become the multi-billion, safe mainstream industry that it indeed became. And the Sega of that time, through the DC and its unrivalled spirit, wasnt having any of that but instead chose the road of ambition, creativity, passion, quirkyness.

It is still thinking.

Dream On.
In terms of library, the DC is far better and diverse. Unfortunately it died too soon. GC also has a pretty solid library though. I don’t think we have games with the same quality as RE:re and Metroid Prime on the DC.
GameCube easily. Resident Evil Remake, RE Zero and RE4. Then Windwaker, Twilight Princess, Paper Mario TTYD, Metroid Prime.

Neither compared to the only REAL player that generation - the PS2, which outsold the other 3 combined several times over.
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The Dreamcast was the first console I bought on launch day. It blew my mind seeing Soul Calibur the first time after years of N64, Saturn and PS's early 3D. I really enjoyed playing all the quirky games like Seaman, Jet Grind, Sonic Adventure, Shu Shu Rocket, Power Stone, etc.

Gamecube easily.
The closeness to the Xbox that the Gamecube ended up at was only because Nintendo used the same strategy Sega did, setting themselves on fire in a blaze of glory.

Sega went from $50 to $30 then $20 with rebate, usually with games, and also offered Dreamcast for free with a subscription to Seganet.

GameCube went from $99 not long after launch to $60 than $40. Retailer rebates at $20, bunch of free games.

Only difference is Nintendo could afford to get away with that strategy.

Honest truth is most customers didn't want either system, if they did they were impulse buys. It also helped the Gamecube that Microsoft canned the Xbox early which pissed a lot of people off.


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I love the dreamcast to death but i vote for the cube.
LOL... something about this sentence, combined with your avatar, makes a perfect post :messenger_tears_of_joy:

For me, it's the Dreamcast, hands down. During its lifetime, I never even owned the GameCube. SoulCalibur 1 on the Dreamcast may be, "pound for pound," the greatest fighting game of all time.

My vote for the Dreamcast comes with some caveats, though:
  1. Hurts to say this, but the GameCube library is actually superior. There's nothing like REmake, Wind Waker, or Metroid Prime on the Dreamcast.
  2. Even in some cases where the game existed on both consoles -- for example, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 -- the GameCube versions were often better. (In the case of RE2 and RE3 -- much better).
  3. Something that puts the Dreamcast ahead, for me, is its arcade-centric library and the fact that it has a shit ton of Capcom and SNK games on it. GameCube doesn't have Garou or Cannon Spike.
  4. The GameCube's controller has fantastic ergonomics -- I own two of them, to play N64 games on the Wii and the occasional Smash on any platform, and the controller has -- to this day -- some of the best "this feels good on your hands". But that's where the compliment ends -- the button shape and layouts and that tiny, out-of-place D-pad are pure ass. I remember when a buddy in college brought his GameCube and an import copy of SoulCalibur 2 -- I was hyped beyond belief, but man, I couldn't get more than like 3 matches with that controller.
  5. I mean, to be fair, the Dreamcast controller is kind of ass, too -- but less so. And the Dreamcast has a shit ton of adaptors where you can use the Saturn (GOAT) pad for fighters, of which the Dreamcast has many.
  6. Something that I feel held the Dreamcast back a bit was its release timeframe. Because of that, early in the generation, the Dreamcast got several (enhanced) PS1 ports -- so I feel like the Dreamcast was kind of stuck in that cross-generation spot, whereas the GameCube was unequivocally a next-gen console.


The Dreamcast, although it's close. The DC had a bunch of games that made the PSX, N64 and Saturn look clearly last gen. Some titles (like Soul Calibur) looked way better than anything else on a home console at the time. The GC arguably ultimately had a better library due to the early cancellation of the DC, but it just never had the impact. Part of this is probably due to the fact that by the time the GC came out developers were starting to get to grips with the PS2 architecture and the better performance of the GC was way less apparent than had been the case with the DC against the 5th generation machines.


I had more fun playing my Dreamcast back in the day than I did my GameCube. Dreamcast had a ton of couch and online co-op and multi-player games. The VMU was cool and unique. Online out of the box. Tons of cool preparials, like fishing rods, light guns, steering wheels, twin stick controller, arcade sticks, flight sticks and mouse & keyboard. Tons of cool arcade and sim racing games, some with online features. Tons of 2D and 3D fighters. Tons of unique and fresh games in general. Good times and the online community was great for the DC.
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