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Naughty Dog's standalone multiplayer game a "cinematic experience between players"

He also has said in the past that his favorite game of that year was No Man's Sky.

He also designed the melee combat in The Last of Us.

His personal preferences for games over time are not indicators of his future work.

I could never understand why people try to link developers personal preferences with their work.

Dev likes No Man Sky so his professional future work must be a No Man Sky clone. FFS 😂😂😂
I don't get why the negativity. There are a million classic MP games out there. Why hate something that is not even out? I mean, there is Halo, CoD, Battlefield and many other classic games with classic modes.

A while ago there were many threads complaining about the lack of innovation in the gaming space but this is the way to innovate: try things and take risks.

Come on guys, it's about time we come to terms with the fact that not every single game out there is made for our tastes. Younger people are joining in and they like different stuff just the same as when we were younger and the established gamers didn't like what we liked.
You know the answer to that. It's a PlayStation developer and the word 'Cinematic' is in the title of the thread.
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