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My Review... Martha is Dead


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As we have seen in some Threads, it is not reliable to always be watching or reading IGN, so I took the initiative to do the review on this game called Martha is Dead.

I want to emphasize that LKA is a small studio, but it is characterized by bringing us human and mature stories, so from this point I take its budget into consideration.

Martha is dead is not a Horror game, but a suspense and thriller game with themes that are for an adult audience.

A walking simulator

I want to emphasize that 95% of the game takes place in Giulia's House, so it's a small game but well built.

The developer's budget is noticeable in this video game.

The most remarkable and interesting point is the Story, which I cannot mention... but it is interesting from beginning to end.

Graphically for me it is outstanding in certain parts, as in the introduction of Giulia (Which stupidly Sony censored this scene).

There are moments when the graphics are photorealistic and brilliant, in other scenes they look like PS2 graphics, especially in the modeling of people.

What I love about the game is its risky and mature proposal, for mature themes, for me the scenes included as controversial are fundamental to the story and of course they should not be censored.

What I also loved is the real function of the camera, how it works and how it was the modeling of the houses of the 40's as well as the theme of the World War II.

I think that the themes of this war are present, but sometimes they are very basic in terms of information.

The game environment is handcrafted and well detailed, but honestly it is too small, so much so that you can easily go through the entire game on the map in 5 to 7 minutes and it is the total world of the game without a problem.

Another detail is that the strong scenes are tolerable and you need to have mature criteria to tolerate it, I really hate the exaggerations that have been brought based on this, if they are strong scenes... but again, it is a game for adults and many of us already have the enough tolerance to interpret it... these scenes have symbolism in the game, therefore they are important.

What I criticize the game too much are the following points:

1) The function of the photographic camera, although it is realistic... I would have appreciated that they kept all the functions and that it was not simplified, I know it is a video game, but it would be very interesting to see each function and how to do it in a more realistic way the revelation of the photographs.

2) The game of TOO REPETITIVE, Basically it is to go to the point of a map, pick up objects, take a picture, reveal it and see notes again... Later, do the same procedure until the end of the video game.

3) The voice acting in English, the protagonist does a good job in her voice acting, but what is the father... the acting is lousy, other characters are good in consideration.

So I highly recommend playing it in Italian with English subtitles.

4) The game is exquisite and handmade, but for that same situation, it is a delicate game to play, if you make many movements or open and close the doors quickly, there will be bugs and sound or menu problems, so it is a game that It should be played carefully because it can easily have technical problems as in the case of The town of light, which often has performance problems.

5) The game has very good puzzles like the function of sending telegrams, which can be a bit difficult.

6) The game lasts 4 to 5 hours in total.

7) The game's OST is excellent and uses strings a lot, but is limited in the number of songs you have.

Marta is dead, it's a great game, it has a very good and mature proposal.

That's why I give it an 8 rating.

AS IN THIS PHOTO, MANY TIMES THE GRAPHICS CAN EVEN BE BAD IN THE MODELING OF THE CHARACTERS, It gives the impression that they were made by different people or that the budget was at an end.

If you play it, You must read a lot and have an open mind.

Because sometimes you will feel that it is very heavy and you will fall asleep.

By the way, the real value I consider the game is $14.99, paying more for this game, it's not worth it... for people who want to buy it from Limited Run Games... I think it's not worth it and avoid it.

However, I think that this game should be highly supported by us gamers, more because of the effort and the people who dedicated themselves to this project.

I think the best version is the PC... Avoid the Playstation version at all costs.

I do the review with dedication and my passion for video games.

And always avoiding video game analysts, who are people who have a lot of corruption.
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Jim Ryan Fanclub's #1 Member
Sounds up my alley. I've been looking at this one since I heard about the censorship.
I think that if you like suspense games based more on history and little gameplay, you can get it.

However, avoid the Playstation version if possible.

Thanks to the immaturity and nonsense of Jim Ryan.

I think it's a time to support a small company


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The game sounds interesting, but nothing that I want to go and buy asap.

But it also feels like it's far too violent to appear on Game Pass.

Let's wait for a good sale.


Its nice to see devs doing things like this that are different, but the open nature of the story(going by reviews) is a big no-no for me.

One thing is to heavily imply something, other is to straight up not answer a mystery. I hate when games do that. I want you to tell me a story, not imagine it.
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Just played through the story. Very sparse mechanically as expected but free from many of copy-paste tropes found in most walking sim "horror" games, thank god no hiding from a maniac with a knife under the table and such...
Quote unquote as it's not really horror, not to spoil it - more like a thriller with themes so dark you don't often see that in gaming. Big plus. The studio clearly got some bad feedback on it and I hated all the virtue signaling, trigger warnings, gory cutscene skip options etc, totally unnecessary and suspense breaking (played on XsX).

The story is almost really good, starts strong, then goes bad then good again when those bad parts kind of get a new meaning...

Suffers from serious corner-cutting in terms of character design, great-looking environments juxtaposed with PS3 grade character modeling and zero facial animation. All scenes framed in a way to hide it, it kinda does the job but it's clear the game would benefit greatly if they had the budget to actually show characters interact in other ways than off-screen or in shadows, and they would if they could.

Worst of all, can confirm after OP, the voice actor playing one of the key characters (father) is so fucking horrible it sounds like they ran out of money and just put someone from the studio in front of the mic. It's a very important role and makes a lot of the narrative just fall flat on its face, shame.

Some minor glitches, nothing jarring.

Overall feels like a bit of a failed opportunity but for a walking sim for mature audience, I give it a 7/10.
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Reseterror Resettler
The scene that got the game censored was weak sauce. People disturbed by THAT haven't been online long. People disturbed by that haven't gone to funky town.
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